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           Rift is an MMORPG created by the company Trion. It has a few unique elements which will be interesting for noobies and veterans alike, however, if you're looking for a new game that is completely different than all the rest, this is not the game for you. While Rift is fun and creative in many ways it doesn't really bring anything new to the table that is any different than what World of Warcraft has been doing since it's creation. On that very same note, if you're looking for a game just like WoW that will hold your attention for a few months, Rift will be great!

           The one unique thing that Rift has which is different than all other games is... well, the Rifts! Rifts are large scale PvE events that happen all across the world that people can join in on at any time solo or with others. The Rift events are quite a bit of fun, however not many people do them anymore due to Rifts dwindling population. Don't be too discouraged though, many players are expected to be returning with the expansion. Also at max there isn't much to worry about since all of the queues are cross server. That means that PvP Warfronts and Expert Dungeons pop often.

           Gearing up at max can be done through Expert Dungeon runs as well as PvP. Expert Dungeons are usually faster for gearing up but players can do whichever they want. Ultimately Rift is a very fun game and I strongly recommend it if you have not played it before and are looking for a new experience. On that very same note though I strongly warn you against delving too deep into Rift's community. The community of Rift is the worst community I have ever seen in an mmorpg in my entire life.

           The game is definitely worth picking up and giving a whirl but with the main stipulation of; only if you are a solo player or have friends who already play/will play with you. The community is just that horrible in this game. Honestly it is probably the reason the game flopped. Anyway, totally downer of a topic, let's take a look at some Rift guides!

Rift Getting Started Guides

Rift Leveling Guides

Rift Farming Guides

Rift PvP Guides

Rift Dungeon Guides

Rift Crafting Guides

Those about sum up all of the guides I have wrote for Rift. Hopefully they assisted you guys in some way!





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