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Top Gear 3000 Guides and Walkthroughs

Top Gear 3000 is a racing video game released in 1995 by Kemco for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). It is the third installment in the Top Gear series and features futuristic, sci-fi-themed racing with high-speed vehicles on various tracks set in different planets across the galaxy. Players can customize and upgrade their cars with weapons and other enhancements to compete against rivals in fast-paced races. The game offers single-player mode as well as split-screen multiplayer mode for up to two players. Top Gear 3000 is known for its fast-paced racing, colorful graphics, and catchy music, making it a popular title among racing game fans on the SNES platform.

Top Gear 3000 Game Genie Codes (USA)

Top Gear 3000 Pro Action Replay Codes (USA)


Top Gear 3000 Title Screen




Top Gear 3000 Codes

You will want to input all of these codes at the passwords screen in the game's options.

Secret Supercar with all Powerups and Unique colors: 0MD1 LFJ6 QW86 KR16 L68

Get 1,000,000 every race: WJMR BCPR 22T1 BPL0 112

Qualify every race: MICKSMELANIE

All Powerups: MICK4CLAUDIA

Start with 3mil: BBBB BBBB BBBB BBBB BBB

Alderam System: JSM9 3FR1 ?HQL B6R0 3R6

Kajam System: KS7M 3FR1 ?G98 86R0 3R7

Kraz System: 0SL2 LFR? ?GYJ C2?0 3F7

Lesath System: ?9S1 LFRS ?H6L C6P0 3N8

Miram System: QS3N 3FRS ?HS3 C6P0 3F6

Naosphein System: YSRX LFR? ?H?X C2?0 3P7

Sarin System: G9XF 3FR1 9G99 86R1 377

Subrat System: SSJ5 LFRS ?HB7 C6P0 326

Toygeta System: V9HL LFRS ?G68 CPP0 387

Vega 5 System: WSB1 LFR? ?H29 C2?0 376

Zosmar System: CSZ1 LFR1 9HX9 86R1 316













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