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The Humans Guides and Walkthroughs

The Humans is a puzzle video game that was released for various platforms in the early 1990s. It was developed by Imagitec Design and published by GameTek. The Humans is a unique puzzle game that challenges players to guide a tribe of prehistoric humans through various levels to achieve specific goals.

The game features a top-down view with side-scrolling screens, and each level presents a different set of challenges that players must overcome using logic, strategy, and problem-solving skills. Players control a group of cavepeople, each with their own abilities, as they navigate through a variety of environments, including caves, forests, and deserts. The goal is to help the humans reach their destination, solve puzzles, and avoid hazards, such as wild animals and treacherous terrain. The game requires players to strategically plan their moves, utilize tools and resources, and manipulate the environment to create a safe path for the humans to travel.

The Humans Game Genie Codes (Europe)

The Humans Pro Action Replay Codes (Europe)



The Humans Dedication Screen


Level Passwords

Activate the following at the Password Screen.


Level 1: GBCDQF

Level 2: XXGFWV

Level 3: QWQRFD

Level 4: GSDQQQ

Level 5: GLPLSD

Level 6: CCBDQG

Level 7: GFHQQN

Level 8: NNMTQY

Level 9: MNNLYR

Level 10: QBCNVN

Level 11: PYQNCH

Level 12: ZZVNNW

Level 13: CQZFDG

Level 14: MNMLKV

Level 15: GSFDGJ

Level 16: RRPYYR

Level 17: PLMKYV

Level 18: GVFTYC

Level 19: WQFZSW

Level 20: GTVBHY

Level 21: LYPZMX

Level 22: KSJDHF

Level 23: VQNRYT

Level 24: PYQWMN

Level 25: YVQRNH

Level 26: GGKKNQ

Level 27: VNHSQF

Level 28: KKVJJD

Level 29: NJSJSM

Level 30: LQVRHW

Level 31: SQVYWQ

Level 32: GLLMZG

Level 33: GDNRJH

Level 34: NHFDGG

Level 35: SRWYYT

Level 36: KGJHWT

Level 37: PVVRMN

Level 38: QRNNFG

Level 39: HWSPPW

Level 40: MYQYPQ

Level 41: DXDFKJ

Level 42: NQRFVN

Level 43: GKLSDV

Level 44: YQRGMQ

Level 45: QKRMVK

Level 46: QQQKKF

Level 47: YNQPPW

Level 48: MMZNNX

Level 49: JKKSHH

Level 50: YQQQDN

Level 51: KLWYPY

Level 52: WPWVWV

Level 53: PQWMDV

Level 54: LYGPSX

Level 55: NFVSNV

Level 56: LSKDFK

Level 57: VNVNJS

Level 58: QQRTVN

Level 59: DFNDFH

Level 60: LHQRTN

Level 61: NXSLSS

Level 62: VXCVPY

Level 63: JKHZSC

Level 64: XCNBSD

Level 65: QWFNHW

Level 66: JDFSWQ

Level 67: QWNVYZ

Level 68: WQFLQN

Level 69: WQRZXC

Level 70: ZXCMNB

Level 71: QWDNVB

Level 72: SDSDFR

Level 73: JDFBDJ

Level 74: PYYQNN

Level 75: LDJJHF

Level 76: QYNYPZ

Level 77: CCVNKZ

Level 78: YYTRTR

Level 79: CBCYCB

Level 80: JDPJNK









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