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The Brainies is a puzzle video game that was originally released in 1991 for the Amiga and MS-DOS platforms. The game was developed by Titus Interactive, a French video game development company known for their diverse range of games. In The Brainies, players are tasked with solving puzzles by guiding a group of small, colorful creatures called "Brainies" to their respective destinations on a grid-based playing field.

The Brainies must be grouped together in sets of four or more of the same color to be cleared from the playing field, and the ultimate goal is to clear the entire field to advance to the next level.The game features a variety of puzzle elements, including obstacles, switches, teleporters, and more, that add complexity and challenge to the gameplay. Players must use their strategic and logical thinking skills to plan and execute their moves to successfully complete each level.

The Brainies Game Genie Codes (USA)

The Brainies Pro Action Replay Codes (USA)



The Brainies Title Screen



Level Passwords

The following chain letters are indicated as:
B = Blue, G = Green, R = Red, Y = Yellow.


Level 5: BYRGYR

Level 10: RGRRRY

Level 15: YYBYGR

Level 20: YYGGRB

Level 25: RBGRRY

Level 15: YYBYGR

Level 20: YYGGRB

Level 25: RBGRRY

Level 30: GBYGRR

Level 35: BRGBYB

Level 40: BRRYYR

Level 45: GBRYBG

Level 50: YGRBGG

Level 55: YGYBRB

Level 60: BYBRYR

Level 65: RYGRBB

Level 70: YGGYBY

Level 75: GBBRBB

Level 80: RBRYBG

Level 85: YYRRGR

Level 90: GGYGYG

Level 95: RYYGBG

Level 100: YBGBGR















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