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Super SWIV Guides and Walkthroughs

Super SWIV is a vertically scrolling shoot 'em up video game released for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) in 1993. The game was developed and published by Storm Entertainment, a British video game company known for their arcade-style shoot 'em up games. In Super SWIV, players control a helicopter as they navigate through various levels filled with enemy aircraft, ground units, and other obstacles. The game features fast-paced, intense shooting action with a wide range of weapons and power-ups that players can collect to upgrade their helicopter and increase their firepower. The game also includes challenging boss battles at the end of each level, adding an additional layer of difficulty.

Super SWIV offers both single-player and two-player co-operative gameplay modes, allowing players to team up with a friend and tackle the game's challenges together. The game features colorful graphics, energetic music, and a variety of environments to explore, ranging from deserts and jungles to cities and underwater areas. As a shoot 'em up game, Super SWIV is known for its challenging gameplay, requiring players to have quick reflexes, precise shooting, and strategic use of power-ups to progress through the levels. It has gained a following among fans of the shoot 'em up genre and remains a notable title in the SNES library for its action-packed gameplay and memorable visuals.


Super SWIV Game Genie Codes (Europe)

Super SWIV Pro Action Replay Codes (Europe)



Super SWIV Title Screen



Level Passwords

Pause the current game and enter the following to proceed to the next level.


Level 1-2: Press R, L, R(2), R, L, R(2), L(2)

Level 2-3: Press R, L, R(2), L(2), R(3), L

Level 3-4: Press L, R, L(2), R(2), L(4), R(3), L

Level 4-5: Press R(3), L(3), R(2), L(2), R, L, R, L

Level 5-6: Press R, L, R, L(3), R(2), L(2), R, L, R, L(2)

















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