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Spider-Man Guides and Walkthroughs

Spider-Man: The Animated Series is a side-scrolling action platformer based on the popular animated TV series of the same name. Players control Spider-Man as he battles against various villains from the Spider-Man universe, such as Doctor Octopus, Venom, and the Green Goblin, in a series of levels based on different locations from the TV show. The game features colorful graphics, tight controls, and a variety of moves and web-slinging abilities for Spider-Man to use in combat and traversal. Players can swing through levels, defeat enemies, and rescue hostages to progress through the game and ultimately defeat the supervillains. Spider-Man: The Animated Series is a classic SNES game that is beloved by fans of the TV show and Spider-Man comics.

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Spider-Man Level Select

On the title screen wait for Spiderman to land on the building then input the following code to enable Level Select:

Y, A, X, B, A, R, L


























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