Power Drive Guides and Walkthroughs

This page here will share minor tidbits, tricks, cheats and hints about Power Drive. As with many of the other guides on my website these are designed to be very google friendly. If you're stuck, and googling to get done a certain part of the game, that's hopefully how you found this guide!

Power Drive Game Genie Codes (Europe)

Power Drive Pro Action Replay Codes (Europe)



Power Drive Title Screen





At the main menu, activate the desired codes to use the effects.

Arizona/Clio/$119k: F6TYTVG916GVLSMR

Australia/Celica/$179k: LM502SP0MQJZ4JMW

Corsica/Clio/$85k: P_XFYZHYZTWVVL46

Finland/Celica/$138k: FFQ92NLZX9F_DMDP

Great Britain - snow/Celica/$294k: DT9Z_TP4M430ZCRK

Great Britain - tarmac/Celica/$240k: C8ZXFXQMRB5CC8KF

Kenya/Mini/$31k: 9D_QKL5RBDLR11KR

Sweden/Clio/$42k: F_GXKDGLJYNXBXJF








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