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This page here will share minor tidbits, tricks, cheats and hints about Mega-lo-Mania. As with many of the other guides on my website these are designed to be very google friendly. If you're stuck, and googling to get done a certain part of the game, that's hopefully how you found this guide!

Mega-lo-Mania Game Genie Codes (Europe)

Mega-lo-Mania Pro Action Replay Codes (Europe)



Mega-lo-Mania Title Screen



Madcap Level Passwords

Enter the passwords at the password entry screen to go to the desired Epoch and level. The amount of people available is listed under effect.

Epoch 1-1 island conquered, 90 people left: ZSQBDNPBLWBBL

Epoch 1, 2 islands conquered, 80 people left: GVWCX32BBZXBN

Epoch 2 start, 165 people left: L1GFTXFB1LRB3

Epoch 2, 1 island conquered, 145 people left: TXGFTXFB1LRB3

Epoch 2, 2 islands conquered, 130 people left: YBSCRVCBB5BBP

Epoch 3 start, 215 people left: 5QFFWWJBNTCBW

Epoch 3, 1 island conquered, 200 people left: N2FBG53BFWYBD

Epoch 3, 2 islands conquered, 185 people left: XN1CQBWBJSYBB

Epoch 4 start, 255 people left: HBQBMCMBXCZBF

Epoch 4, 1 island conquered, 235 people left: C2ZCP2KBJCBR

Epoch 4, 2 islands conquered, 215 people left: 3WFFDVBBNTCBX

Epoch 5 start, 295 people left: GQSBF53B3KSBM

Epoch 5, 1 island conquered, 275 people left: BL3CHJNBRDLBW

Epoch 5, 2 islands conquered, 255 people left: PPPBQG1BF3CBX

Epoch 6 start, 315 people left: 5Y4D5TQBHNLBR

Epoch 6, 1 island conquered, 295 people left: DW5BHS3B3K5BK61

Epoch 6, 2 islands conquered, 265 people left: SR5D3Y1BWFZBF62

Epoch 7 start, 330 people left: C3GDYSYBHVZBF

Epoch 7, 1 island conquered, 300 people left: ZZ2BBYPBMKLBN

Epoch 7, 2 islands conquered, 260 people left: QQSFXQ1BHCSB4

Epoch 8 start, 320 people left: P2LD53QBHPLBH

Epoch 8, 1 island conquered, 290 people left: 4ZFCKL3BRLZBT

Epoch 8, 2 islands conquered, 260 people left: NWSFRYMBHCSBP

Epoch 9 start, 320 people left: PLPDFHRBXMDBR

Epoch 9, 1 island conquered, 215 people left: PMDFFSJBTXRBL

Epoch 9, 2 islands conquered, 110 people left: CH4DVYQBL1BBS

Caesar 2nd Epoch: XCMB4HBL2QB5

Caesar 3rd Epoch: 4QLBH4HB33XBP

Caesar 4th Epoch: 2WLB35PB33XBK

Caesar 5th Epoch: DFLBR4HB43XBR

Caesar 6th Epoch: BLLBHBQB43XBM

Caesar 7th Epoch: JYKBMBQBMYBB1

Caesar 8th Epoch: HHMCRLLBWBKBR

Caesar 9th Epoch: GNNBR1PBGYJBH

Madcap 2nd Epoch: J5LBW5PBL2QB3

Oberon 2nd Epoch: B4LBD4HBL2QB2

Scarlet 2nd Epoch: QBMBVD4BL2QB4











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