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This page here will share minor tidbits, tricks, cheats and hints about Indiana Jones Greatest Adventures (Trilogy). As with many of the other guides on my website these are designed to be very google friendly. If you're stuck, and googling to get done a certain part of the game, that's hopefully how you found this guide!

Indiana Jones Greatest Adventures Game Genie Codes (USA)

Indiana Jones Greatest Adventures Pro Action Replay Codes (USA)

Indiana Jones Title Screen





Level Passwords

Enter the following Passwords at the Passwords Screen to start on the desired level. All of the codes are symbols so here is a key that identifies them for you:

Delta - triangle
Phi - shaped like an oval intersected by a vertical line
Sigma - appears like the letter ''E''
Psi - trident-shaped symbol
Omega - looks like a set of earphones.


Easy Level

Alexandra: Phi, Psi, Delta, Phi

Berlin: Sigma, Omega, Delta, Sigma

Cairo: Omega, Delta, Sigma, Phi

Island: Psi, Sigma, Sigma, Phi

Nepal: Phi, Sigma, Psi, Omega

Pankot Palace: Phi, Delta, Phi, Psi

Salzburg: Delta, Psi, Phi, Omega

Shanghai: Delta, Phi, Delta, Omega

Venice: Phi, Omega, Psi, Omega

Village: Delta, Phi, Omega, Sigma


Normal Level

Alexandra: Phi, Psi, Phi, Sigma

Berlin: Phi, Delta, Delta, Sigma

Cairo: Sigma, Delta, Sigma, Psi

Island: Sigma, Omega, Psi, Psi

Nepal: Delta, Psi, Delta, Sigma

Pankot Palace: Sigma, Psi, Omega, Phi

Salzburg: Phi, Psi, Delta, Omega

Shanghai: Sigma, Psi, Psi, Phi

Venice: Phi, Delta, Psi, Sigma

Village: Sigma, Phi, Delta, Omega


Hard Level

Alexandra: Psi, Psi, Phi, Omega

Berlin: Psi, Omega, Delta, Sigma

Cairo: Phi, Phi, Omega, Psi

Island: Omega, Delta, Omega, Psi

Nepal: Phi, Omega, Omega, Sigma

Pankot Palace: Omega, Psi, Psi, Omega

Salzburg: Psi, Delta, Sigma, Sigma

Shanghai: Omega, Delta, Phi, Psi

Venice: Omega, Omega, Delta, Phi

Village: Sigma, Phi, Omega, Sigma








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