Shamans and How to Locate Them (Breath of Fire 2)

One of the most interesting features of Breath of Fire 2 is the ability to combine different Shamans you find with the characters you have in your party. Mostly every character you use can have a Shaman or two combined with them except Ryu and Bleu, an optional character you get later in the game.

Some characters can have two Shamans combined with them which makes them much more powerful and sometimes even changes their ingame sprite! There are many different combinations for you to try and it's quite an interesting and fun system.

There's one major downside though and that's when your character dies, gets critical health or a cutscene starts that shows them in their original form - they lose their Shaman bonded forms. It can be extremely annoying when this happens while you're in the middle of a dungeon.

In Breath of Fire 2 there are a total of 6 different Shamans you can get, this guide will cover how to find each of those Shamans.


Fire Shaman - Sana

This Shaman is obtained through actual game events explaining how the Shaman system works. It's impossible to miss her therefore I don't need to give much information on her.


Water Shaman - Seso

Witch Tower Elevator Puzzle

The Water Shaman Seso can be found early on in the game inside the Witch Tower. It's the place just north of Simafort where you found many petrified statues and defeating the boss freed all the statues. If that isn't ringing any bells my picture above may help you a bit more.

Remember that puzzle? Well regardless of your answer the only way to get to Seso is to go back to Witch Tower and take the elevator in front of me in the screenshot which will take you to the western side of the room. Seso is a screen or two over from here.


Wind Shaman - Spoor

Spoor the Wind Shaman

This is another Shaman that's impossible for you to miss. Spoor is acquired after you remove the mist from the valley leading to FarmTown.


Earth Shaman - Solo

Pray at the Namanda Shrine

There are two parts to acquiring the Earth Shaman, Solo. The first thing you need to do is donate 2000Z (20 donations) to the Namanda Shrine. Shortly after arriving in FarmTown for the first time and meeting Rand's mother you clear out the field behind her house - hopefully you remember this field since you have some pretty silly battles there with grass, rocks and stumps.

After you progress past the part of the game where you fight grass,rocks and stumps Rand's mother will ask you do pray at the Namanda Shrine to the west of FarmTown. Inside the cave that houses the shrine you'll want to make 20 donations, donating 2000Z in total. You won't get any success notice or pop up for doing this so be sure to count how many times you do it!

Solo the Earth Shaman

If you donated 20 or more times then later in the game after you defeat St. Eva's Church return to FarmTown and to the same field we cleared out for Rand's mother. Solo will be standing in the middle of this field as seen in the screen shot above.


Holy Shaman - Seny

Bando Church Arrow Puzzle

Seny the Holy Shaman can be found inside the Bando church where the long story arc involving Tiga and Katt happened. If you remember the puzzle in the basement that involved the arrows and moving the door way - that's where Seny is! You can find Seny here after you've defeated Ray and destroyed Evrai.

If you don't remember anything about this location at all then you can find the Bando church south of FarmTown at the bottom of the peninsula. Inside the church you'll find a hole that Katt accidentally made earlier in the game. You'll want to go into this dungeon and progress through it until you reach the arrows you see in the screen shot above.

In the first room on the right you'll find Seny. You shouldn't have to hit the arrows at all; It seems a lot of guides on the internet say you do - maybe Seny appears in different rooms for different people. Check each room if you struggle to find her, the picture below may be useful if you need to see what she looks like!

Seny the Holy Shaman


Devil Shaman - Shin

Shin the Devil Shaman Location

The final Shaman for you to obtain in Breath of Fire 2 is the Devil Shaman. This Shaman can be found just inside the final dungeon, Infinity. The screenshot above is the western BushLnd entrance to the Infinity dungeon. This is the same entrance that you'll find Shin inside of.

To reach this entrance you'll just need to navigate through the grass outside of the Infinity dungeon - aka the same area our entire game began. As you can see in the picture below, Shin is literally two steps away from where you enter! This Shaman isn't difficult at all to find.

Shin the Devil Shaman