How to get the Life Armor and LoveBR

LoveBR Fishing RewardLifeAR Fishing Reward

The best chest slot you can get for Ryu, Life Armor can be acquired through fishing up a treasure chest in a location northwest of Gate. The LoveBR (a charm slot item that recovers 1 HP per step) can be found through fishing on an island north of Windia. The LoveBR can be fished up really early in the game - immediately after you get Grandpa.

The Life Armor though you'll need to wait until much later in the game when Nina gets her wings (or once TownShip can fly)! Before getting both of these items I highly recommend you get the CharmRod which is the best Fishing Rod you can get in the game. You can get the CharmRod from the little hut on the raised up island that Evrai is on. It's inside the Inn on the second floor in a cupboard.

If you need more information on how to get the CharmRod you may find my guide on how to get it as well as Ryu's best weapon the EmpireSD useful .

CharmRod Hut Location
The location I am standing above, the building to my right has the CharmRod.

Anyway for now let's start with the LoveBR. Use Warp and travel to Windia and then have Nina fly you up to the island due north. Get into a few fights on this island until you make a fishing location appear at which point you'll wanna switch to Ryu and start Fishing!

LoveBR Map LocationLoveBR Fishing Location

As always I recommend using Gold as the fish won't be interested in your hook then leaving you to just grab the chest. You can technically do it with any bait though so the Gold isn't required. Once you fish up the LoveBR it'll be off to the next location! Switch back to Nina and take off into flight. This time we're heading almost directly south.

We're going to be heading back to the same place our whole adventure started - the island Gate is on!

Life Armor Map LocationLife Armor Fishing Location

Once you are here walk around a bit and fight some monsters until you cause a fishing spot to appear in the northeastern portion of the island - the same spot you see it in my screenshot above. This is the location that we're going to fish up Life Armor. As aforementioned Gold is usually the best item you can use to fish it up.


Additional Information

- Another really good item you can fish up once Nina gains the ability to call forth the great bird on the world map is Ryu's best weapon the EmpireSD. It's strongly recommended you get this item too!