Finding Ryu's Dragon Powers in Breath of Fire 2

Hidden Dragon Power Location

Early on in Breath of Fire 2 shortly after you have Jean join your party you'll be able to acquire the Dragon Powers for Ryu. These powers are extremely powerful, however the downside is they consume all of Ryu's AP when used. Generally these powers are best saved for boss fights since they deal hundreds of damage and will knock off a large chunk of HP.

To get started you'll want to put Jean in your party and use Warp to travel to Simafort. If you haven't been to Simafort yet then you'll need to warp to Capitan and travel across the river and head due west. Around the lake that Simafort resides in you'll find a river which is fed by a nearby Waterfall.

Waterfall Secret Cave with Dragon Powers

What you will want to do is use Jean's over world power and transform into a frog. You can do this by pressing Y while in control of him/while he is in the marching order. Once you're a big frog (like he was when you found him) you'll want to swim into the waterfall which is where you'll find the Wise Dragon Man. If you're having trouble finding the waterfall I am speaking of check the location I am at in the picture above.

Once inside the waterfall cave speaking to the wise man will grant Ryu the hidden Dragon Powers! That's all there is to it! Hopefully this will answer the question I see a lot - "Where to find Ryu's Dragon Powers?"

Wise Dragon Man Breath of Fire 2