The Witcher 3 - Story Quests

This page is the index page for every story quest in Witcher 3. Keep in mind that there will be spoilers throughout these guides, especially the closer you get to the ending. My guides tell you how to get each of the game's different endings and in order to do that, I have to spoil them.

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White Orchard Story Quests

Kaer Morhen (Prologue)

Lilac and Gooseberries

The Beast of White Orchard

The Incident at White Orchard

Imperial Audience


Velen Story Quests

The Nilfgaardian Connection

Bloody Baron

Ciri's Story: The King of the Wolves

Family Matters

A Princess in Distress

Ciri's Story: The Race

Ciri's Story: Out of the Shadows

Hunting A Witch

Wandering in the Dark

Ladies of the Wood

The Whispering Hillock

Ciri's Story: Fleeing the Bog



Novigrad Story Quests

Pyres of Novigrad

Novigrad Dreaming

Broken Flowers

Get Junior

Ciri's Story: Visiting Junior

Count Reuven's Treasure

A Favor for Radovid

The Play's the Thing

A Poet Under Pressure

Ciri's Story: Breackneck Speed



Skellige Story Quests

Destination: Skellige

The King is Dead - Long Live the King

Echoes of the Past

Missing Persons


The Calm Before the Storm

A Mysterious Passenger



Start of Act II - Multiple Locations

Ugly Baby

The Isle of Mists
- Brothers in Arms: Velen
- Brothers in Arms: Novigrad
- Brothers in Arms: Skellige

The Battle of Kaer Morhen

Blood on the Battlefield


Start of Act III - Multiple Locations

Bald Mountain

Final Preparations
- Blindingly Obvious
- The Great Escape
- Payback
- Through Time and Space

Battle Preparations
- The Sunstone
- Vini Vidi Vigo
- Child of the Elder Blood

On Thin Ice

Tedd Deireadh, The Final Age

Something Ends, Something Begins


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DLC Story Quests

This section will contain only the DLC Story Quests for Witcher 3.


Blood and Wine Story Quests

Envoys, Wineboys

The Beast of Toussaint

Blood Run

La Cage au Fou

Where Children Toil, Toys Waste Away

Wine is Sacred

The Man From Cintra

Capture the Castle

The Night of Long Fangs

Beyond Hill and Date...

Blood Simple

What Lies Unseen

Tesham Mutna

Pomp and Strange Circumstance

Burlap is the New Stripe

Be It Ever So Humble...


Hearts of Stone Story Quests

Evil's Soft First Touches

Dead Man's Party

Open Sesame!
- Open Sesame: Witcher Seasonings
- Open Sesame: Breaking and Entering
- Open Sesame: The Safecracker

Scenes From a Marriage

Whatsoever a Man Soweth...