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Martina Side Quest - Wild Arms 3

Martina Side Quest

Martina's Side Quest is a rather easy quest that involves a young girl by the name of Martina. I noticed that a lot of website's online mark this quest as missable but I am here to tell you that's a lie, I did this quest during Chapter 3 right before the final dungeon which would imply to me that it's not missable.

How this quest works is you first need to talk with Martina in the town of Claiborne then "follow" her around the map from town to town and speak with her until she eventually returns to Claiborne. Sometimes you'll have to talk with Martina and one or 2 other people depending on what town you're in.

Additionally, once you talk with Martina you'll need to accumulate 60 Counter Points before she will leave the town and move to the next one. If you're unfamiliar with what Counter Points are they're a hidden counter that increases when you get into battles, pass time in game or rest. The easiest way to get 60 Counter Points is to rest 3 times at any Inn. For more information about Counter Points I recommend you check out my Secret Garden Walkthrough as that page goes into much more detail.

Sometimes Martina takes awhile to move on, maybe this is random or a bug - I am not entirely sure. If this happens to you simply travel around a bit to different towns, rest a few times then return and see if Martina left.


1. Claiborne: Speak with Martina at the Saloon/Inn in Claiborne and make sure you ASK about her mother.

2. Westwood Station: Talk with Martina twice at this location.

3. Little Rock: You'll find Martina at the Saloon/Inn in this town, speak to her and the guy that she's sitting with.

4. Little Twister: In this town you'll find Martina in front of the Saloon, talk to her here and she'll move to Humphrey's Peak after.

5. Humphrey's Peak: Martina is found in Cheville's House (Tan colored roof); talk to her and Cheville multiple times until they stop giving new dialogue. It took a lot more than 60 Counter Points for Martina to move outside of the house

6. Humphrey's Peak: In the outside portion of Humphrey's Peak you'll find Martina nearby the defunct fountain. As per usual talk to her here until she stops giving new dialogue.

7. Jolly Roger: You'll find Martina in the Saloon, speak with her until she's out of new dialogue.

8. Ballack Rise: Martina will be at the town's entrance standing next to a kid named David. Speak with both David and Martina until they're both out of new dialogue.

9. Laxisland: For this step you'll need to speak with Martina and Mileux who are on the 2nd floor of the Saloon/Inn in town. Once they are done giving new dialogue you'll want to head over to Humphrey's Peak and speak with Cheville until she is out of new dialogue.

10. Laxisland: Return to Laxisland and speak with Martina, Mileux and Cheville on the 2nd floor of the Saloon/Inn until they're all out of new dialogue.

11. Laxisland: Pass some time by resting at any Inn then return to the 2nd floor of this Inn and speak with Martina, Mileux and Cheville again until they stop offering new dialogue. When Martina mentions that she is thankful for everyone helping her you'll know that you've accomplished this step.

12. Claiborne: Our final stop is back in Claiborne where you will want to talk with Martina and Mileux one last time for your reward - an EX File Key!


Once you've spoken to Martina in all 11 locations return to Claiborne and speak with her here a final time and she'll give you an EX File Key as a reward. This will complete the Martina Side Quest.

EX File Key Martina