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Persona 3 - Tartarus

Tartarus is the main dungeon in Persona 3 and one could say where the 'meat' of the game takes place. You can easily break Persona into two parts, what happens during The Dark Hour and what happens outside of it. Tartarus is the largest and longest part of "The Dark Hour". This massive dungeon is a total of 264 floors and 6 blocks and throughout all of Tartarus there are blockades which you will be unable to pass until they open up during the game throughout the year.

The basic strategy for Tartarus that I usually follow is I rush through all the floors until I reach a "boss floor" these are placed throughout the tower and you'll know when you find one because each floor that has a boss also has a teleporter. Once you're here you can turn on the teleporter and then at any time you wish you can use the teleporter at the entrance to be brought up to this floor. This is a huge deal for exploration since running up so many floors each night would be a total nightmare.

Tartarus Bosses

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Those are the main guides that I have written for Tartarus that I would recommend you read if this is your first time playing Persona 3 or a Persona game. Otherwise you'll probably already have the concept of the game down and how things work. When you first start playing the game you'll want to spend as much time in Tartarus as possible. I usually start focusing more on side quests and side activities once the first semester is almost over.

Regardless though, here's some tips and tricks you may find useful as a rookie or a veteran!


Tartarus Tips & Tricks

- Grind the floors between the furthest floor you can teleport to and the blockade. I usually grind until most of the mobs are "distressed" at which point I know I can easily handle the full moon boss.

- Once most mobs on any given floor are distressed send your team off using "Split Up" and search for treasures. Usually I wait by the stairs and watch TV as they collect. This is a great way to get the yen needed to upgrade their armor/weapons

- If you hang around on a floor too long Death will come and if you engage him, you'll most likely end up dead. Killing Death will be a requirement for a future Request.

- You don't always have to grind when you come to Tartarus! Some nights when you come focus on doing side quests you missed to add some variety to exploring.

- You can use the Teleporter to return to the first floor at any time you would like to fully restore your HP/MP

- Don't forget to use your consumable items! There's no point in hanging onto everything you got since once you beat the last boss it's all useless!

- Scan every mob you come into contact; especially once Fuuka gets the ability around level 30 to tell you if an ability will work just by selecting a monster.





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