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Persona 3 FES - The Answer

Something that a lot of people may be asking whom have never played this game before is "What's the difference between The Journey and The Answer?". If you couldn't guess from the two different names, The Journey is essentially the whole game, the story. The Answer is what happens after the original game ended and is kind of like an Expansion Pack or DLC for Persona 3. During The Answer you'll also be controlling Aigis as your main character.

Since I found a lot of guides out there that cover "The Journey" and a lack of information on "The Answer" this guide will primarily be dedicated to anything you need to know about The Answer.

**Prepare for Spoilers for both The Answer and The Journey**

You start off "The Answer" with Aigis at level 25. There's a lot of cutscenes and intro story before you actually get to do anything. Metis (the new Aigis) attacks you and your friends at the Dorm. Aigis gains the ability to control multiple Personas and takes down Metis. Aigis is then taken to the Velvet Room in the same way you were during The Journey. More is explained to you and eventually you learn that March 31st is stuck on repeat (Groundhog's Day) and there is a new dungeon for you to explore, The Abyss of Time, which is underneath your dorm.

For The Answer you have no Social Links to raise or side quests to do. Essentially all the "meat" is taken out of Persona 3 and the only part left in is Tartarus (which is now called The Abyss of Time). When you enter The Abyss of Time the central room is surrounded by doors and each door leads to a different area. A good comparison here would be for you to consider each door like a different floor of Tartarus.

The Abyss of Time Sea of Doors

During this game mode your characters won't get tired; there's actually very few distractions from grinding. The combat in this mode is significantly harder - the glowing red shadows actually put up a real fight in this game mode. I highly recommend you grind all your characters until the shadows fear you before attempting to fight the bosses in each area.

The Abyss of Time Boss Guide







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