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Persona 3 General Tips and Tricks

Persona is an action adventure turn based RPG that takes place in the real world in Japan. It has plenty of fictional elements of course, but unlike most RPGs it doesn't take place in its own world. That isn't the only thing that sets it apart from most modern day RPGs either. This series will probably be one of the most unique RPGs you've ever played. I think the best way to describe it would be it's essentially a Shounen anime that became its own game.

Your character goes to school, makes friends, studies, has to take Mid terms and all of that stuff. It may sound unappealing and I am sure to some people it would be, but I personally thought the game was fantastic. It's a very tactical oriented game, essentially the whole game is built on your being able to formulate a long term plan. Every new moon they throw a boss at you so it's important for you to balance everything you do. Studying for school, exploring the dungeon and leveling up and making friends.

Persona 3 Academics Increase

When you first start out I recommend you make friends with as many different people as possible and build up their Social Links. This will give any Personas you use that correspond to that Social Link bonus experience. Personas are the main way you deal damage in Persona 3 and the stronger your Persona is, the stronger you are. You'll be changing Personas a lot throughout the game and even sometimes during the fight so it's important to build up multiple different Social Links and have multiple Personas.

There are also some other important stats in Persona 3 such as Academics, Charm and Courage. You will need each different stat for different things in the game. Mostly for unlocking Social Links or expanding your current Social Links. Charm and Courage are both much easier to raise than Academics which is the hardest of them all.

Anyway, here are some tips for you if you're just starting out in Persona 3 that are in an easier to read format:

- Make the most of every single day. Don't waste an afternoon after school by just going back to the Dorm. Always do something instead to raise a skill.

- If a full moon is coming up refrain from studying after school as there's a chance you'll get fatigued from being stuck on a subject

- Analyze every single enemy you encounter that is new to you. Even if you know what its weaknesses are, analyzing it will tell your party members how to react. They'll avoid it's strengths and attack its weaknesses.

- Your weapon's damage effects the damage your team does during an "All out Attack"

- Speaking of an "All out Attack" some enemies out there are extremely powerful to Physical Damage, keep in mind that you don't always have to do an All out attack, you can always decline then attack the enemy with what he is vulnerable with instead.

- The size of the Shadow in Tartarus doesn't reflect its difficulty, the larger the shadow the more enemies you'll be fighting at once, the smaller the shadow the less enemies.






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