Final Fantasy X Celestial Weapons Guide

In FF X the ultimate weapons are called Celestial Weapons and there's quite a bit that goes into obtaining them. The very first thing you need to do is collect a Cloudy Mirror and turn it into a Celestial Mirror. To do this you'll need to head to the Calm Lands and learn how to ride a Chocobo!

If you didn't do this on your first trip through the Calm Lands fear not! Take the Airship here and search for the Chocobo Trainer in the north west corner of the area. Sometimes they move around the Calm Lands so if they aren't here check another location; sometimes they're just to the west of the hut you port in at. Take a look at my screenshot below if you want to see who you're looking for.

Chocobo Trainer

This NPC will have a few minigames but you'll only need to complete the first one in order to be allowed to ride a Chocobo. If you're interested in doing them, the latter minigames generally reward you with different Key Spheres.

Whichever you decide, once you're riding a Chocobo you'll want to head south and east; make sure you go south first - you'll want to go near the place you first entered the Calm Lands from. Once you go up the incline slope follow it until it ends and you should see a Chocobo Feather icon on the ground. There's a screenshot of it below if you're having trouble

Chocobo Feather Ground Location

Hit X near this symbol and you'll jump across the gap to a new piece of land. When you continue forward you'll dismount the Chocobo and end up at Remiem Temple. This is a pretty big open area with an Al Bhed dictionary to the left and two Chocobos on either side.

Your objective here is to inspect the sphere on the far left side where the Al Bhed dictionary is and then head over to the opposite side where you'll have to hop on the Chocobo and race! The race is easy as pie so fret not, you just have to make it to the bottom of the temple before the other Chocobo. Your reward will be the Cloudy Mirror!

Cloudy Mirror ObtainedRemiem Temple

Now that you've acquired the Cloudy Mirror your next objective is turning it into the Celestial Mirror! To do this you'll want to travel to Macalania Woods. The easiest way there is to go back to the Airship and port to Lake Macalania and head south into the woods.

Wife and Child Location for Celestial Weapon Quest

In these woods you'll need to find a Mother and a Child whom tell you that their husband is missing. To reach the mother and child from when you enter the woods you'll want to head southeast and follow the sparkling trail. After you speak with them you'll need to find the man they were talking about and tell him that his family is waiting for him.

From the Mother and Child go right twice and up once and you'll find the man they're looking for. A screenshot to give you some help can be found below.

Macalania Woods Screen Before Missing Man

Return to the family after speaking with the man and talk to the wife twice; you'll be informed that the child is missing now. Gah!! The child can be found along the Crystal path that was previously blocked off by some lady. It's the only T intersection along the path so you shouldn't have much trouble finding it!

Once you find the kid you'll be prompted to use the Cloudy Mirror. Doing so will turn it into the Celestial Mirror! I want you to memorize this location too because we're going to be coming back here a few times to turn our weapons into Celestial Weapons.

Cloudy Mirror Location to use

Once you've acquired the Celestial Mirror...

Tidus' Caladbolg

Yuna's Nirvana

Auron's Masamune

Wakka's World Championship

Kimahri's Spirit Lance

Rikku's Godhand

Lulu's Onion Knight



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