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Monster Evolution Guide

One of the biggest pains in the rear of Dark Cloud 2 is having to level up Monica's Monster Transformation in order to make it viable. It's not required for any aspect of the game outside of collecting Medals luckily. The first version of each monster you get is nearly useless which makes acquiring Medals that require it really difficult. I have found a pretty good way to cheese the leveling of each transformation! What you'll want to do is kill the monster with Monica and then switch to your transformation to collect the ABS.

Each level only requires 100 XP and the levels start to really slow down as you get higher in level. The first Rainbow Butterfly Woods and Starlight Canyon both gave me a decent amount of EXP until level 10 then I could only get EXP from Ocean's Roar Cave and onward.

There's more to leveling up a monster transformation too than just killing mobs and picking up abs. Every 25 levels they can evolve into a stronger form and when they do they'll give you an item. Before we get to that, the levels your monster will gain a new level is 26, 51 and 76. To upgrade your monster when it reaches one of these levels go to your Badge Box and inspect the badge to level it up. A picture of me doing this can be seen in the picture to follow.

As for the reward, the first two form upgrades you'll be rewarded with a Monster Drop. The final upgrade you'll be rewarded with several Gemstones. More on this at the bottom of the page.

Leveling up a badge

After you level up and acquire your Monster Drop you'll be able to switch back and forth between the original monster and the leveled up one. I don't really see any reason you'd want to play the crappier monster but the option is there none the less. Before I discuss the various rewards for leveling up a monster let's look at all the different categories of monsters there are and the different evolutions of those categories.

Reptile Badge

Level 1: Wind Gemron

Level 2: Ice Gemron

Level 3: Thunder Gemron

Level 4: Holy or Fire Gemron


Beast Badge

Level 1: Sewer Rat

Level 2: Ram or Beach Rat

Level 3: Savage Ram, Castle Eater and Hunter Fox

Level 4: Bandou, Death Mouse, Smiling Wolf


Windup Badge

Level 1: Bomber Head

Level 2: Triple Cracker

Level 3: Danger Bomb

Level 4: Sweet Dynamite


Spirit Badge

Level 1: Pixie

Level 2: Sylph

Level 3: Faerie

Level 4: Imp


Aquatic Badge

Level 1: Froggy

Level 2: Geron

Level 3: Moon Goyone and Gamal

Level 4: Mariner and Putos


Flora Badge

Level 1: Himarra

Level 2: Balalla

Level 3: Stormflower or Mallone

Level 4: Mandora or Scarecrow


Card Badge

Level 1: Club

Level 2: Diamond

Level 3: Heart

Level 4: Joker or Spade


Undead Badge

Level 1: Skeleton Soldier

Level 2: Hornhead

Level 3: Master Jacket and Whitebeard

Level 4: Rare Jacket and Oyakata


Magical Badge

Level 1: Baron Balloon

Level 2: Flotsam Balloon

Level 3: Count Balloon and Guardia

Level 4: Duke Balloon and Dark Keeper


Darkling Badge

Level 1: Spider Lady

Level 2: Shiva

Level 3: Miss Gourgon and Spider Lady 2

Level 4: Bambamchoo and Mrs. Gourgon

Monster Drop

As promised let's talk about the Monster Drops! Monster Drops are unique items that you get when you reach a new evolution for that Monster. Once you reach the final evolution you'll be given a more powerful Monster Drop as well as gemstones. The bad news is getting to the final evolution is extremely time consuming. As aforementioned Monsters level quickly at first but they start to get less and less XP as they get higher and higher in level.

Combine the fact that they suck so terribly bad and thus are almost completely useless I would like to disuade you from spending a lot of time leveling these up. It will take you most likely 5 - 6hrs of constant grinding to reach max level with a monster and the rewards just aren't good enough to warrant it unless you're a major completionest. Or... writing guides like me!

Below is a picture of the first Monster Drop i got for one of the badges. I would say a I spent a total of an hour and a half specifically leveling the monster up for that reward and the level 25 Balalla I have is still unable to successfully clear Starlight Canyon's Monster Transformation prerequisite for a medal.

Monster Drop Spectrumize