Matataki Village 100% Layout

In Dark Cloud one of the coolest things you can do with the game is recreate towns. Ontop of talking to the villagers and finding out what you missed when creating their homes you can also talk to them and find out what they would like when you are recreating the town. Most of them want their house placed some place unique, by some cute girl they have a crush on or away from some loud neighbour who makes too much noise.

If you fulfill all their wishes you will get 100% completion of the village and usually that nets you a bonus of some kind. I highly recommend you do 100% each village if for no other reason than I honestly feel that's part of the game and just playing it in general.

This guide is split into two parts, the first part I am going to list all of the villagers and what request they have and the second part I am going to show you pictures of my towns and my layouts which have fulfilled 100% of the villagers requests. That way, incase you'd just like to copy what you see from me. To get started let's take a look at the villager's requests for Matataki Village!

Pao's House: Pao would like to be placed near Peanut Pond, which is by the Wise Owl's Forest

Cacao's House: Cacao would like his house to be surrounded by at least 4 trees

Bunbuku's House: Bunbuku would like his house to be near a watermill.

Kye & Momo's House: Key & Momo would like to be near the Wise Owl's Shop

Baron's House: Baron likes the sound of rushing water so place him near the waterfall

Couscous' House: He would like to be placed on one of the raised earths

Gob's House: He would like to live near Momo

Mushroom House: The couple that lives here would also like to be placed on one of the raised earths

Matataki Village

The picture above this sentence is the central area of Matataki Village. To the north is where Gordo lives and to the east is where you can enter the Wise Owl Forest. This is the easiest place to surround the Wise Owl Shop with water so that's what I chose to put here.

Matataki Village

To the left of the picture above you'll find the tree that sneezes objects at you and is central to the Matataki Village plot.

Matataki Village

This is by the waterfall of Matataki Village. This is the last of the villagers and if you put everyone in these places you'll get 100% in Matataki Village!

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