Dark Cloud General Tips and Tricks for playing

This page is kind of a scattershot of information, it's a bunch of stuff I wanted to say on my website but I couldn't find a guide to put it in or didn't feel like writing a ton of little individual guides for all of the information. Also, on this page I am going to share with you what I think would be the most effective way of clearing the game in the shortest amount of time/with the least effort.

To get started, let me tell you how I would highly recommend you play the game, please understand this will take a lot of the adventure out of the game and definitely contain some spoilers. No ground breaking spoilers though that ruin the entirety of the story.

To get started the #1 thing you want to do is upgrade Toan's weapon to level 5 and bust it into a Synthsphere. You'll then want to use this Synthsphere on another weapon to make it much more powerful. Do this until you've at least maxed out the initial weapon stats (attack, speed, endurance etc).

Mainly what you'll want to focus on when customizing a weapon though is the other stats, I get more into that in my Weapon Customization guide. If you follow these basic steps though you'll have a weapon good enough to beat the entire game even without ever building it up into something powerful.

I am going to assume you're playing on an emulator or something with save states, if you aren't this next part may be entirely irrelevant to you. In each dungeon there are runes on the ground that have a chance of doing something different or unique to you. One of the things they can do is increase the amount of money you're holding.

The special circles that increase the amount of money you have DOUBLES the current amount you're holding. That said though, your character can only hold 65k at once.

The reason you'll want save states for this is so you can constantly save before each circle and check it, if it is a negative one then you reload and leave it alone. A positive one you keep the reward! Now the reason you'll wanna keep doubling your money is because once you reach the final dungeon the vendor there sells gems. With enough money you'll be able to buy all the gems you could ever need which will allow you to build up your weapons into the best weapons in the game with absolute ease.

Now with that out of the way here is a giant list of relevant tips and tricks I think you will find useful when playing Dark Cloud.


- When evolving a weapon primarily focus on the Monster Slaying attributes. Eventually you'll be building up the weapon to make an even better one and usually the hardest requirements to meet are those ones.

- If you need gems for evolving a weapon I highly recommend you try out fishing. You can purchase gems that you need instead of unreliabely hunting for them. 100 fishing points is 1 gem

- You can equip a Synthsphere to your weapon and take it off before you evolve your weapon, reeping all the benefits of it but not losing it. This is particularly useful when you get a new Ally and are forced to use them on a floor, you can give them a Synthsphere of a really good weapon so they no longer suck.

- When checking towns and houses for Fruits of Eden and other treasure chests, spam X offscreen, sometimes they're really hidden!

- Keep all your crappiest Synthsphere's for new allies and their weapons!

- If fishing doesn't appeal to you, worry not! You can buy gems in the final dungeon off the old guy who gave you tips and tricks at the start of the game

- I highly recommend saving ALL your weapon upgrade powder until you reach the final dungeon. That way you know exactly what you wanna do with it and none of them get wasted








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