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Cold Winter Codebreaker Codes (NTSC-U)

This page contains all of the CodeBreaker cheat codes I have for Cold Winter (NTSC-U). If you're playing with the PCSX2 Emulator and you'd like to use the codes on this page I recommend heading over to my How To Use Cheat Codes on PCSX2 Guide. This will explain how to setup and use the codes on this page with that emulator.

Alternatively if you're playing on a physical console you'll need to own a CodeBreaker/GameShark disc in order to use these codes. If you don't see the code you want on this page I recommend you return to my Cold Winter Guides Index and choose a different section.



Enable Code (Must Be On)

B4336FA9 4DFEFB79
5D2B862E 5207127E
AE9723E9 A44D980F
B6308862 07C7A05A


Infinite Ammo: 15C69B15 02A1FB99

Max Infinite Ammo: 72B97807 AA407E17

Extra Ammo: 6701F3AC D9C68520

Never Reload: A8764C8C 2A6EEF22

Infinite Grenades: 161F2496 074ACD91

Max Infinite Grenades: 811BF505 E6B8B1A0

Extra Grenades: 02565191 81D19F51


1-Hit Death (Enemies)

6F38B230 3E143406
6D254EF5 D5753806
5923ED43 A79FFF34
4A0A64AE 585394F4
A9C6E99F 417DCCF8
987C62C2 0913470F
21CDC78E 1A18EE53


Infinite Health

6BDFA6D8 A083B709
56EF75AC CE526419
41F71E19 4867B881


Infinite Armor

98079D58 5438E2A0
EE7158F8 440E2F4D
5446E950 27346D25
C7BD8D33 F086B628


Infinite Stamina

333F5B63 8197A5C6
0D986A55 68BA4A63