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Telepath Towers Side Quest - Wild Arms 3

Telepath Tower on World Map

The Telepath Towers Side Quest is a quest that becomes available to you later on during Chapter 3 of the game. In order to start this quest you'll need to do 2 things; the first requirement you'll need to fulfill is to read the book on the 2nd floor of the Ark of Destiny titled "Mu and Lemuria Monthly". You'll need to use Clive's Grappling Hook Tool to get up to the ledge in this area.

As for the second requirement, you'll have to speak with Roswell in Laxisland after you defeat the prophets in the Ruins of Memory dungeon. Once you've fulfilled both of these requirements you should be able to discover Telepath Towers on the World Map the same way you discover everything else.

You can find the first Telepath Tower on the World Map nearby Laxisland, I recommend discovering this after talking with Roswell to make sure that the quest started for you. There are a total of 16 Telepath Towers spread throughout the world, I have a map location of all 16 below if you need help finding any of them.

Telepath Towers Map Locations

The way this quest works is you need to travel around the world and discover then destroy each of the 15 Telepath Towers. The 16th tower is optional and doesn't need to be discovered or destroyed to complete this quest. Each Telepath Tower will be a fight during which the towers will have some weak attacks that inflict various Status Ailments. Depending on what # Telepath Tower you're fighting the status ailment that it inflicts will change.

For the most part all of the Telepath Towers are easy to dispatch and they will provide you with excellent EXP when defeated. Every battle you fight against these towers will reward you with 10k EXP or more. The hardest fights will be Towers 10, 15 and 0 because they each will inflict the Fallen status ailment which will instantly defeat any character affected.

After you destroy the 5th Telepath Tower you'll be attacked after the battle by an enemy named Creeping Chaos. From this point onward (until this quest is finished) you will have a chance to encounter the Creeping Chaos enemies throughout the World Map which is both good and bad depending on your situation.

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Telepath Tower Side Quest
Battle with some Telepath Towers

Once you destroy a total of 10 Telepath Towers you'll start to encounter Silent Chaos enemies throughout the world as random encounters. This works similar to how the Creeping Chaos enemies do - while exploring any portion of the World Map there's a chance you'll run into this enemy now too.

When you have destroyed all 15 Telepath Towers you'll get the following message:

"The floating disc finishes its observation. It then sinks beneath the dunes, as if beckoning you."

At this point in time you'll have one more optional Telepath Tower that you can destroy or you can choose to move on and finish the rest of the quest. The final Telepath Tower will be a pretty tough fight since they can (and will) inflict all Status Ailments on your party including Fallen (instant death).

If you're interested in fighting it check my map at the top of the page for Telepath Tower 0, that's the final and optional Telepath Tower. Regardless of your choice, to continue with this quest you'll want to hop into your Sandcraft vehicle and drive it around the wastes until you encounter UFO enemies (pictured below).

UFO Fight in Sandcraft

You will need to eliminate a total of 5 UFO enemies while riding around in your Sandcraft. They will appear as random battles and typically can be defeated pretty easy with a single "Fire all Ammo" command. Once you defeat 5 of them you'll get another message:

"The floating disc releases skin--tingling waves of shock, and fades into the void of nothingness. The strange pattern it leaves gives you a sense of foreboding."

Once you see this message it'll be time to return to Roswell in Laxisland and speak to him to update your quest. He'll mention (in a manner of speaking) that UFOs can now be found in the sky overhead! Hop into Lombardia and take to the skies, while flying around you'll get into random encounters now with some UFOs (pictured below).

UFO Fight in Lombardia

This time you'll have to fly around in the skies and eliminate a total of 20 UFOs. Fighting with Lombardia works a lot like the Sandcraft, except there are significantly less options for you to choose from with Lombardia. Once you've eliminated enough UFOs in the sky you'll get another message:

"As the chaos falls defeated, it wheezes a high-pitched breath. The sound spreads like a splash of water, and silently shakes Filgaia's atmosphere. Soon the trembles mix with a distant beat, and herald the arrival of the mothership of chaos."

As the message kind of implies, you'll now be able to face the mothership which is the final part of this quest. I recommend you land the Lombardia and save your game before flying around the skies some more until you encounter the Mothership enemy. You can tell the Mothership apart from all of the other UFOs because of the size. It's about 3x or 4x larger and it also comes with significantly more HP.

However, the fight with the Mothership will not be difficult. Your reward for beating the Mothership is completion of this Side Quest along with an EX File Key.