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Millennium Puzzles Side Quest - Wild Arms 3

Millenium Puzzle Side Quest

One of the primary Side Quests in Wild Arms 3 is the Millennium Puzzle quest which requires you to locate and solve 20 puzzles throughout the entire game. In order to start the Millennium Puzzle Side Quest you'll need to complete the Fortune Gear dungeon and speak with Simon at the Dune Canyon Station. Simon will tell you that he passes his time doing puzzles - this is the flag you need to discover these puzzles on the World Map.

You can discover Millennium Puzzle locations the same way you do every other location in Wild Arms 3. While on the World Map press the Square button and your character will "search" the surrounding area. If you're standing in the right spot you will discover one of these locations!

Despite this quest becoming available early on in the game you won't actually get access to all of the Millennium Puzzles until much later in the game. There are a few Millennium Puzzles that you can't reach until Chapter 3 when you gain access to this game's Airship. For a map location of all 20 Millennium Puzzles check out my screenshot below.

Millenium Puzzles Map Locations
Millennium Puzzle Map Locations

Each Millennium Puzzle will consist of Green, Blue, Red and Yellow Blocks and you'll be tasked with eliminating all of the blocks to complete the puzzle. All of the Millennium Puzzles have a unique layout and will require a different strategy to solve - sometimes the strategies can vary and a number of combinations will work. Other puzzles will require an exact strategy to solve.

Below you'll find information about each of the Millennium Puzzles in Wild Arms 3 along with a video demonstrating how I solved the puzzle. If you're curious about what sorts of rewards you'll earn by completing these puzzles check the bottom of the page for that information.


Millennium Puzzle 1: There will be an extra blue and red block at the end of the puzzle if you always eliminate 2 at a time. At some point eliminate 3 blue and 3 red to offset the odd number

Millennium Puzzle 2: At the start of this puzzle clear out the middle to give yourself some wiggle room. Then all you need to remember is to keep at least one block of each color in the middle until you know that you don't need it anymore.

Millennium Puzzle 3: There isn't much to say about this puzzle aside from destroy all of the blocks and keep track of any colors that you have to destroy in 3s instead of 2 at a time.

Millennium Puzzle 4: Sometimes you will freeze if you destroy too many blocks at once on this puzzle. The method that I found works best is shown in the video

Millennium Puzzle 5: One of the harder puzzles in the game in my opinion. You need to destroy 3 blocks at a time wherever you can. Watch my video for an exact walkthrough.

Millennium Puzzle 6: Make sure you keep at least 4 blue blocks so that you can destroy all of the towers around the edges for this puzzle. Otherwise the whole thing is pretty straight forward.

Millennium Puzzle 7: This puzzle is a piece of cake, there are only 3 of each block so you need to eliminate 3 at a time.

Millennium Puzzle 8: There are 2 towers of blocks and there isn't an even number of blocks either. Red is a color that's uneven and should be the last one you eliminate.

Millennium Puzzle 9: The main thing you need to do for this puzzle is to push all blocks off the higher ledges before you jump down.

Millennium Puzzle 10: It's a pretty easy puzzle, make sure you always keep at least one color of each block available so you can eliminate the stacks of blocks on this course. Also you will have to eliminate 3 yellow and 3 green blocks at a time since there is not an even number of either.

Millennium Puzzle 11: For this puzzle you have to destroy 3 blocks at a time for each color. Start with the Blue Blocks then do Green Blocks - the rest should be easy after that.

Millennium Puzzle 12: Pay close attention to green while doing this puzzle - you have to save the 2 Green Blocks on one side to get rid of the 1 Green Block on the other side. Otherwise pay attention to colors that need to be destroyed in 3s instead of 2s.

Millennium Puzzle 13: Extremely easy puzzle, your first move should be to use one of the red blocks and eliminate almost all of the blocks stacked ontop of each other. Then you can easily eliminate what is left after that; there will be a few colors you have to eliminate 3 at a time for.

Millennium Puzzle 14: Destroy the Green and Yellow Blocks that you can reach at the start; for the rest of the puzzle you basically gotta drag blocks back and forth across the platform to destroy them.

Millennium Puzzle 15: I found this puzzle to be both hard and easy, once you see how it's done it's a piece of cake -- so the thing I recommend to you is just watch my video

Millennium Puzzle 16: For this puzzle the main thing you need to do is to eliminate 3 blocks at a time by pushing them out of the enclosed middle area. For the exact strategy check out my video

Millennium Puzzle 17: Push all of the blocks down from the top eliminating as many as you can then jump down. What's left at the bottom should be easy to handle.

Millennium Puzzle 18: This puzzle is very hard to explain so I recommend you watch my video instead. Once you see the video it should all make sense and be way easier.

Millennium Puzzle 19: In my opinion this is the hardest puzzle of them all. You have to eliminate 3 Red Blocks as your first elimination then 3 Blue Blocks - follow the exact movements I do in the video to get this one right

Millennium Puzzle 20: Honestly for being the last puzzle it's actually pretty easy. 90% of this puzzle is easy but the last 10% will make you scratch your head - watch my video for an exact guide.



Millennium Puzzle Rewards:

Millennium Puzzle 1: Cait's Boots
Millennium Puzzle 2: Amulet
Millennium Puzzle 3: Pocketbook
Millennium Puzzle 4: Growth Egg
Millennium Puzzle 5: Holy Grail
Millennium Puzzle 6: Duplicator
Millennium Puzzle 7: Weather Vane
Millennium Puzzle 8: LVL Apple
Millennium Puzzle 9: LVL Apple
Millennium Puzzle 10: Tracker
Millennium Puzzle 11: Weather Vane
Millennium Puzzle 12: Pocketbook
Millennium Puzzle 13: Lion Shield
Millennium Puzzle 14: Teleport Orb
Millennium Puzzle 15: 10-Gal Hat
Millennium Puzzle 16: 10-Gal Hat
Millennium Puzzle 17: Arctic Blade
Millennium Puzzle 18: Migrant Seal
Millennium Puzzle 19: Vambrace
Millennium Puzzle 20: Gunstar Sign


Once you have completed all 20 Millennium Puzzles you should return to Simon at the Dune Canyon Station and speak to him again. He will reward you with an EX File Key which will be your final reward for completing this quest.