Kingdom Hearts Trinity Mark Locations

This page contains a list of each Trinity Mark location in Kingdom Hearts. Trinity Marks are bonuses you can find throughout the game that can be activated if you have both Donald and Goofy in your party. They appear as Micky shaped icons on the ground/walls that will be a different color depending on the type of Trinity Mark.

Blue Trinity - When you clear Traverse Town on your first visit you'll be able to unlock Blue Trinity marks

Red Trinity - When you clear the level Deep Jungle you'll be able to unlock Red Trinity marks

Green Trinity - When you clear the world Agrabah you'll be able to unlock Green Trinity marks

Yellow Trinity - After your successful clear of the Olympus Coliseum on the second visit later in the game you'll be able to unlock Yellow Trinity marks

White Trinity - After you defeat Riku on your first visit to Hollow Bastion you'll be able to unlock White Trinity marks

Those are all 5 types of Trinity Marks within Kingdom Hearts. I will separate their locations below based on the color that they are. Before we get started, here's an example of the format I will be using...

(World) - (Location in the world) - (Reward)

As you can see, first the world is mentioned followed by the location within that world. I try to be as specific as possible when they're tough to find. Finally the last piece of information is the reward you'll receive after you unlock the Trinity Mark. If the location is more difficult to find than usual I generally give a little bit more information in smaller italic text as well.

Blue Trinity Marks

Traverse Town - First District - Postcard
Near the Cafe

Traverse Town - First District - Munny
Near the World Exit

Traverse Town - Third District - Camping Set, Munny
Located behind the Fountain

Traverse Town - Mystical House - Mega-Ether, Munny
Located nearby the Save Location

Wonderland - Lotus Forest - Ether, Potion, Tent, MP Orbs

Wonderland - Lotus Forest - Camping Set, MP Orbs

Olympus Coliseum - Coliseum Gates - Dalmations 22, 23 and 24

Olympus Coliseum - Coliseum Gates - Mythril Shard

Deep Jungle - Camp - Dalmations 34, 35 and 36

Deep Jungle - Climbing Trees - Dalmations 31, 32 and 33

Agrabah - Bazaar - Munny, Mega-Elixir

Agrabah - Cave of Wonders: Silent Chambers - Thunder-G

Monstro - Mouth - Munny, 2 Potion, Cottage
You must first complete the level and allow the water to recede to activate this Trinity

Monstro - Throat - Munny, Mythril Shard

Monstro - Chamber 5 - Munny, Cottage

Hollow Bastion - Dungeon - Mega-Ether, Mega-Potion, Cottage and HP Orbs

Hollow Bastion - Great Crest - 2 Cottage, Megalixir and MP Orbs

Red Trinity Marks

Traverse Town - First District - Access to Alleyway
You can find this Trinity Mark in the alley next to the Accessory Shop

Traverse Town - Alleyway - Access to Secret Waterway

Traverse Town - Second District - Access to the Bell atop Gizmo's Shop

Agrabah - Cave of Wonders: Treasure Room - Munny, Mythril Shard

Halloween Town - Oogie's Manor - Mythril Shard

Hollow Bastion - Entrance Hall - Emblem Piece


Green Trinity Marks

Olympus Coliseum - Coliseum Gates - Mythril

Traverse Town - Accessory Shop - Access to Item Workshop

Agrabah - Storage Room - Power Up

Neverland - Ship's Cabin - Access to Captain's Cabin

Wonderland - Rabbit Hole - Elixir

Wonderland - Bizarre Room - Mythril Shard
Located inside the Fireplace

Deep Jungle - Treetop - Mythril Shard and HP Orbs

Monstro - Mouth - Mythril Shard
Located on top of Geppetto's Ship


Yellow Trinity Marks

Olympus Coliseum - Coliseum Lobby - Access to the Keyhole

Traverse Town - Mystical House - Power Up
Located behind the house

Agrabah - Cave of Wonders: Hall - Pillar Drops

Neverland - Ship's Hold - Dispel-G, Orichalcum and Aero Upgrade


White Trinity Marks

Traverse Town - Secret Waterway - Orichalcum

Wonderland - Lotus Forest - Lady Luck
Can be found through the portrait on the Bizarre Room wall

Olympus Coliseum - Coliseum Gates - Violetta

Deep Jungle - Cavern of Hearts - Orichalcum

Agrabah - Cave of Wonders: Entrance - Comet-G

Monstro - Chamber 6 - Thundaga-G

Atlantica - Triton's Palace - Orichalcum

Halloween Town - Moonlight Hill - Comet-G

Neverland - Deck - Meteor-G

Hollow Bastion - Rising Falls - Firaga-G