Kingdom Hearts - Torn Pages

One of the side quests of Kingdom Hearts involves you collecting Torn Pages which can then be placed into Merlin's Book in Traverse Town. The book gives you access to The Hundred Acre Woods which is Winnie-the-Pooh's home world. This world consists almost entirely of Minigames and playing around here doesn't advance the story. Nor is it required to advance the story at any point


Torn Page 1: Traverse Town - Rescue 51 Dalmatians

Torn Page 2: Agrabah - Located in the Dark Chamber in the Cave of Wonders

Torn Page 3: Monstro - Located in Chamber 6

Torn Page 4: Halloweentown - It's found on the bookcase in the Doctor's Lab

Torn Page 5: Ariel's Grotto


That's it for the Torn Pages and where to find them! I sadly can't offer you any advice or strategy for the minigames in The Hundred Acre Woods as I didn't find that part of the game very amusing. If you decide to do it, best of luck!