Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas CodeBreaker Codes (NTSC-U)

This page contains all of the CodeBreaker cheat codes I have for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. If you're playing with the PCSX2 Emulator and you'd like to use the codes on this page I recommend heading over to my How To Use Cheat Codes on PCSX2 Guide. This will explain how to setup and use the codes on this page with that emulator.

Alternatively if you're playing on a physical console you'll need to own a CodeBreaker/GameShark disc in order to use these codes. If you don't see the code you want on this page I recommend heading over to my Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Gameshark Codes (NTSC-U) and search for your code there instead!


These codes are for the original version of GTA San Andreas - they will NOT work on the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Special Edition version of the game.


Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Master Code

B4336FA9 4DFEFB79
A125F91F A955E061
53DBF423 B909CF20
5874A5CB C4008606
6F312FFF 086ECB7A


Never Wanted: 550C117D 763E6F0F

Level 1 Wanted Always: 43468655 7ACAA420

Level 2 Wanted Always: F6401FD8 AED2E88F

Level 3 Wanted Always: 0545E176 2A269AA8

Level 4 Wanted Always: 75A1E200 23F11F48

Level 5 Wanted Always: 958BEFC0 442C73A8

Level 6 Wanted Always: F023C0CC A234C4D4

Highest Level 6 Wanted Status: 7852C523 3B76804A

Purchasing Items Doesn't Decrease your Money: 11679545 532C031B

Making Purchase Increases your Money: 77762D81 B1B0B0FF

All Items are Free: 3BB98B62 D02E4A4E

Never Hungry: 0D4465C3 AFF080EF

Unlimited Air: 72DBBBB8 DFB92C05

Unlimited Run: 716406E5 21A3AF11

Have All Girlfriends: 3EA91EE8 463C4134

Unlimited Nitrous: 5DF552A2 8385E17B

Vigilante Missions can be done in any vehicle: AA7E0CE8 D54CF378

Unlimited Fuel for RC Plane: D4DDFC89 06B1CDA8

No Damage when falling from heights: 7F019BBA 43F4652C

Disable Police Helicopters: E1118814 240F7D00

Low Gravity: 80511DCF 366FB67B

Location isn't lost when Busted or Wasted: 57BDF6AB 915D4AEA

Nitro Boost (Bikes): 7D30B7A7 F4B51425

Super Jump: A0D9FBBA 69B49D53

No Pedestrians: 76BA0F4D 9B68C962

More Pedestrians: 7B71A83A 668D8E0C

No Traffic: 7439230A F145C0E6

More Traffic: 42119BC4 E8D99819

Have All Tags Sprayed: 8755ED08 C1760AF7


Can't be Arrested/Busted

F3373AD8 482C5F08
C68728BD 1B76ADC4


Fast Money Earned

6EAB3DB9 006831B9
7D7793F4 781B9102


Max Money

285CA735 5C2740E5
6D7ECA17 DE4E1867


Unlimited Health

AC0CD7AA 893A5946
D2AAE115 2DA68DD3


Unlimited Armor

9A78B2B5 88136298
D8A59E8B F723AE17


Unlimited Ammo (All Weapons)

3B80A281 76E77B0E
3C7CF5AF E1532CD2


Max Unlimited Ammo (All Weapons)

17D9CF68 0B5D3BD6


Extra Ammo (All Weapons)

2D98332C FA30B9B1
5099FCC0 1D44D15F


Unlimited Ammo (All Weapons) While in a Car

368081B0 89C93490
19F0BD7E B0E61896


Max Unlimited Ammo (All Weapons) While in a car

50F08B81 259F8F94


Extra Ammo (All Weapons) While in a car

94B8C1C2 D55DC3F9
5C4C09A8 950D0F3C


No Helicopters After You

741959AA E86F6A0C


Never Wanted by Helicopters

66C6E243 A5A2A55D
70C21B71 AC39CAE3


Walk/Drive Through Walls

6F82CB6E 5BAA22A3
0C943555 8E514646


All Cars Receive No Damage from Collisions

F3B22E3B 03FA578F
A55EC11D D6CB5F99


Only your Car Receives No Damage from Collisions

2E9FB7A5 F475A6E5


All Vehicles Act Like a Tank

23B51AA8 18BE1D6F
5035D365 BFE9140E
9710EBAA E6F53ED9


Cars Never Explode

EF3D5488 D5F64348
851F8EC0 398DBAE7


Boats Never Explode

D58540BB 021C46DB
932DC30E 4567E6DB


Tires Never Pop (Cars)



All Cars are Immune to Weapons

1494761A 26FDFC07
7DBD092C 99155417


Only Your Car Immune to Weapons

D93001D9 E2DB0E81


Cops cant get out of their cars

1B1E662E D364FFE8
840822AA DBFF9D11


Weapons aren't lost when Wasted or Arrested

B5F16B98 297B63FF


Law Enforcement Vehicles are frozen

5967F01C 9078212B
6E9759C5 9C3400E4


Cars don't react to Sirens anymore

6811133A 246B7F6D
6870D54B EF2C86AE


Cop Road Blocks disabled

69E33649 55F5ABAA
1FF3B535 E87FA382


Cars don't stop for Pedestrians

5EB1438F E2B6512B
E5F1F69A E28922D0


Cars don't stop for Traffic Lights

66ED0746 B29C0E7F
87DEC852 6D0B2717


Saving doesn't increase time by 6hrs

17D4F070 4995A4CD
AD9F8349 E0A54A92


Hold L1 for Negative Gravity

D6D4CF27 726F15A4
165F3B6F A2306226
81602115 41F41FF7


Unlimited Time

A95950C4 B055665C
5F0E5A63 CB7625DF


Helicopters Never Explode

A30BF005 0F0EBD2E


Plane Damage is Disabled

031F481B 66FDC85C
3B1A7419 B3C06F47


Planes Never Blow Up

DD96ED2D 62DD19E8
4228B0E3 E46E6074


Faster Load Times

C6098DB1 7976135D


Cheats don't reset when Dying/Reloading/New Games

52B630B8 EB087D9C
470D302C 9CEF5021


Airplanes Handle Better

F69E0B03 3627C133
580AD1CD 2A201568
44B55BE8 F4B69498
7A4FCF17 8E9DFB94
2A735D47 C9BEE42C
824C8487 2D266673