Dynasty Warriors 5: Xtreme Legends - Character CodeBreaker Codes (NTSC-U)

This page contains all of the CodeBreaker cheat codes I have for Dynasty Warriors 5: Xtreme Legends. If you're playing with the PCSX2 Emulator and you'd like to use the codes on this page I recommend heading over to my How To Use Cheat Codes on PCSX2 Guide. This will explain how to setup and use the codes on this page with that emulator.

Alternatively if you're playing on a physical console you'll need to own a CodeBreaker/GameShark disc in order to use these codes. If you don't see the code you want on this page I recommend heading over to my Dynasty Warriors 5: Xtreme Legends Gameshark Codes (NTSC-U) and search for your code there instead!


(Cao Cao) Max Life: 104DE5B6 00000190

(Cao Cao) Max Musou: 104DE5B8 000000C8

(Cao Cao) Max Attack: 004DE5BA 000000C8

(Cao Cao) Max Defense: 004DE5BB 000000C8

(Cao Cao) Max Points: 104DE5BC 0000EA60


(Cao Pi) Max Life: 104DF05E 00000190

(Cao Pi) Max Musou: 104DF060 000000C8

(Cao Pi) Max Attack: 004DF062 000000C8

(Cao Pi) Max Defense: 004DF063 000000C8

(Cao Pi) Max Points: 104DF064 0000EA60


(Cao Ren) Max Life: 104DEF56 00000190

(Cao Ren) Max Musou: 104DEF58 000000C8

(Cao Ren) Max Attack: 004DEF5A 000000C8

(Cao Ren) Max Defense: 004DEF5B 000000C8

(Cao Ren) Max Points: 104DEF5C 0000EA60


(Da Qiao) Max Life: 104DEEA6 00000190

(Da Qiao) Max Musou: 104DEEA8 000000C8

(Da Qiao) Max Attack: 004DEEAA 000000C8

(Da Qiao) Max Defense: 004DEEAB 000000C8

(Da Qiao) Max Points: 104DEEAC 0000EA60


(Dian Wei) Max Life: 104DE34E 00000190

(Dian Wei) Max Musou: 104DE350 000000C8

(Dian Wei) Max Attack: 004DE352 000000C8

(Dian Wei) Max Defense: 004DE353 000000C8

(Dian Wei) Max Points: 104DE354 0000EA60


(Diao Chan) Max Life: 104DE506 00000190

(Diao Chan) Max Musou: 104DE508 000000C8

(Diao Chan) Max Attack: 004DE50A 000000C8

(Diao Chan) Max Defense: 004DE50B 000000C8

(Diao Chan) Max Points: 104DE50C 0000EA60


(Dong Zhou) Max Life: 104DE7C6 00000190

(Dong Zhou) Max Musou: 104DE7C8 000000C8

(Dong Zhou) Max Attack: 004DE7CA 000000C8

(Dong Zhou) Max Defense: 004DE7CB 000000C8

(Dong Zhou) Max Points: 104DE7CC 0000EA60


(Gan Ning) Max Life: 104DEA86 00000190

(Gan Ning) Max Musou: 104DEA88 000000C8

(Gan Ning) Max Attack: 004DEA8A 000000C8

(Gan Ning) Max Defense: 004DEA8B 000000C8

(Gan Ning) Max Points: 104DEA8C 0000EA60


(Guan Ping) Max Life: 104DF166 00000190

(Guan Ping) Max Musou: 104DF168 000000C8

(Guan Ping) Max Attack: 004DF16A 000000C8

(Guan Ping) Max Defense: 004DF16B 000000C8

(Guan Ping) Max Points: 104DF16C 0000EA60


(Guan Yu) Max Life: 104DE246 00000190

(Guan Yu) Max Musou: 104DE248 000000C8

(Guan Yu) Max Attack: 004DE24A 000000C8

(Guan Yu) Max Defense: 004DE24B 000000C8

(Guan Yu) Max Points: 104DE24C 0000EA60


(Huang Gai) Max Life: 104DEC96 00000190

(Huang Gai) Max Musou: 104DEC98 000000C8

(Huang Gai) Max Attack: 004DEC9A 000000C8

(Huang Gai) Max Defense: 004DEC9B 000000C8

(Huang Gai) Max Points: 104DEC9C 0000EA60


(Huang Zhong) Max Life: 104DE8CE 00000190

(Huang Zhong) Max Musou: 104DE8D0 000000C8

(Huang Zhong) Max Attack: 004DE8D2 000000C8

(Huang Zhong) Max Defense: 004DE8D3 000000C8

(Huang Zhong) Max Points: 104DE8D4 0000EA60


(Jiang Wei) Max Life: 104DEADE 00000190

(Jiang Wei) Max Musou: 104DEAE0 000000C8

(Jiang Wei) Max Attack: 004DEAE2 000000C8

(Jiang Wei) Max Defense: 004DEAE3 000000C8

(Jiang Wei) Max Points: 104DEAE4 0000EA60


(Ling Tong) Max Life: 104DF10E 00000190

(Ling Tong) Max Musou: 104DF110 000000C8

(Ling Tong) Max Attack: 004DF112 000000C8

(Ling Tong) Max Defense: 004DF113 000000C8

(Ling Tong) Max Points: 104DF114 0000EA60


(Liu Bei) Max Life: 104DE6BE 00000190

(Liu Bei) Max Musou: 104DE6C0 000000C8

(Liu Bei) Max Attack: 004DE6C2 000000C8

(Liu Bei) Max Defense: 004DE6C3 000000C8

(Liu Bei) Max Points: 104DE6C4 0000EA60


(Lu Bu) Max Life: 104DE60E 00000190

(Lu Bu) Max Musou: 104DE610 000000C8

(Lu Bu) Max Attack: 004DE612 000000C8

(Lu Bu) Max Defense: 004DE613 000000C8

(Lu Bu) Max Points: 104DE614 0000EA60


(Lu Meng) Max Life: 104DEA2E 00000190

(Lu Meng) Max Musou: 104DEA30 000000C8

(Lu Meng) Max Attack: 004DEA32 000000C8

(Lu Meng) Max Defense: 004DEA33 000000C8

(Lu Meng) Max Points: 104DEA34 0000EA60


(Lu Xun) Max Life: 104DE456 00000190

(Lu Xun) Max Musou: 104DE458 000000C8

(Lu Xun) Max Attack: 004DE45A 000000C8

(Lu Xun) Max Defense: 004DE45B 000000C8

(Lu Xun) Max Points: 104DE45C 0000EA60


(Ma Chao) Max Life: 104DE876 00000190

(Ma Chao) Max Musou: 104DE878 000000C8

(Ma Chao) Max Attack: 004DE87A 000000C8

(Ma Chao) Max Defense: 004DE87B 000000C8

(Ma Chao) Max Points: 104DE87C 0000EA60


(Meng Huo) Max Life: 104DEDF6 00000190

(Meng Huo) Max Musou: 104DEDF8 000000C8

(Meng Huo) Max Attack: 004DEDFA 000000C8

(Meng Huo) Max Defense: 004DEDFB 000000C8

(Meng Huo) Max Points: 104DEDFC 0000EA60


(Pang De) Max Life: 104DF0B6 00000190

(Pang De) Max Musou: 104DF0B8 000000C8

(Pang De) Max Attack: 004DF0BA 000000C8

(Pang De) Max Defense: 004DF0BB 000000C8

(Pang De) Max Points: 104DF0BC 0000EA60


(Pang Tong) Max Life: 104DED9E 00000190

(Pang Tong) Max Musou: 104DEDA0 000000C8

(Pang Tong) Max Attack: 004DEDA2 000000C8

(Pang Tong) Max Defense: 004DEDA3 000000C8

(Pang Tong) Max Points: 104DEDA4 0000EA60


(Sima Yi) Max Life: 104DE9D6 00000190

(Sima Yi) Max Musou: 104DE9D8 000000C8

(Sima Yi) Max Attack: 004DE9DA 000000C8

(Sima Yi) Max Defense: 004DE9DB 000000C8

(Sima Yi) Max Points: 104DE9DC 0000EA60


(Sun Ce) Max Life: 104DECEE 00000190

(Sun Ce) Max Musou: 104DECF0 000000C8

(Sun Ce) Max Attack: 004DECF2 000000C8

(Sun Ce) Max Defense: 004DECF3 000000C8

(Sun Ce) Max Points: 104DECF4 0000EA60


(Sun Jian) Max Life: 104DE716 00000190

(Sun Jian) Max Musou: 104DE718 000000C8

(Sun Jian) Max Attack: 004DE71A 000000C8

(Sun Jian) Max Defense: 004DE71B 000000C8

(Sun Jian) Max Points: 104DE71C 0000EA60


(Sun Quan) Max Life: 104DE76E 00000190

(Sun Quan) Max Musou: 104DE770 000000C8

(Sun Quan) Max Attack: 004DE772 000000C8

(Sun Quan) Max Defense: 004DE773 000000C8

(Sun Quan) Max Points: 104DE774 0000EA60


(Sun Shang Xiang) Max Life: 104DE666 00000190

(Sun Shang Xiang) Max Musou: 104DE668 000000C8

(Sun Shang Xiang) Max Attack: 004DE66A 000000C8

(Sun Shang Xiang) Max Defense: 004DE66B 000000C8

(Sun Shang Xiang) Max Points: 104DE66C 0000EA60


(Taishi Ci) Max Life: 104DE4AE 00000190

(Taishi Ci) Max Musou: 104DE4B0 000000C8

(Taishi Ci) Max Attack: 004DE4B2 000000C8

(Taishi Ci) Max Defense: 004DE4B3 000000C8

(Taishi Ci) Max Points: 104DE4B4 0000EA60


(Wei Yan) Max Life: 104DED46 00000190

(Wei Yan) Max Musou: 104DED48 000000C8

(Wei Yan) Max Attack: 004DED4A 000000C8

(Wei Yan) Max Defense: 004DED4B 000000C8

(Wei Yan) Max Points: 104DED4C 0000EA60


(Xiahou Dun) Max Life: 104DE2F6 00000190

(Xiahou Dun) Max Musou: 104DE2F8 000000C8

(Xiahou Dun) Max Attack: 004DE2FA 000000C8

(Xiahou Dun) Max Defense: 004DE2FB 000000C8

(Xiahou Dun) Max Points: 104DE2FC 0000EA60


(Xiahou Yuan) Max Life: 104DE926 00000190

(Xiahou Yuan) Max Musou: 104DE928 000000C8

(Xiahou Yuan) Max Attack: 004DE92A 000000C8

(Xiahou Yuan) Max Defense: 004DE92B 000000C8

(Xiahou Yuan) Max Points: 104DE92C 0000EA60


(Xiao Qiao) Max Life: 104DEEFE 00000190

(Xiao Qiao) Max Musou: 104DEF00 000000C8

(Xiao Qiao) Max Attack: 004DEF02 000000C8

(Xiao Qiao) Max Defense: 004DEF03 000000C8

(Xiao Qiao) Max Points: 104DEF04 0000EA60


(Xing Cai) Max Life: 104DF1BE 00000190

(Xing Cai) Max Musou: 104DF1C0 000000C8

(Xing Cai) Max Attack: 004DF1C2 000000C8

(Xing Cai) Max Defense: 004DF1C3 000000C8

(Xing Cai) Max Points: 104DF1C4 0000EA60


(Xu Huang) Max Life: 104DEB8E 00000190

(Xu Huang) Max Musou: 104DEB90 000000C8

(Xu Huang) Max Attack: 004DEB92 000000C8

(Xu Huang) Max Defense: 004DEB93 000000C8

(Xu Huang) Max Points: 104DEB94 0000EA60


(Xu Zhu) Max Life: 104DE3A6 00000190

(Xu Zhu) Max Musou: 104DE3A8 000000C8

(Xu Zhu) Max Attack: 004DE3AA 000000C8

(Xu Zhu) Max Defense: 004DE3AB 000000C8

(Xu Zhu) Max Points: 104DE3AC 0000EA60


(Yuan Shao) Max Life: 104DE81E 00000190

(Yuan Shao) Max Musou: 104DE820 000000C8

(Yuan Shao) Max Attack: 004DE822 000000C8

(Yuan Shao) Max Defense: 004DE823 000000C8

(Yuan Shao) Max Points: 104DE824 0000EA60


(Yue Ying) Max Life: 104DF006 00000190

(Yue Ying) Max Musou: 104DF008 000000C8

(Yue Ying) Max Attack: 004DF00A 000000C8

(Yue Ying) Max Defense: 004DF00B 000000C8

(Yue Ying) Max Points: 104DF00C 0000EA60


(Zhang Fei) Max Life: 104DE29E 00000190

(Zhang Fei) Max Musou: 104DE2A0 000000C8

(Zhang Fei) Max Attack: 004DE2A2 000000C8

(Zhang Fei) Max Defense: 004DE2A3 000000C8

(Zhang Fei) Max Points: 104DE2A4 0000EA60


(Zhang He) Max Life: 104DEBE6 00000190

(Zhang He) Max Musou: 104DEBE8 000000C8

(Zhang He) Max Attack: 004DEBEA 000000C8

(Zhang He) Max Defense: 004DEBEB 000000C8

(Zhang He) Max Points: 104DEBEC 0000EA60


(Zhang Jiao) Max Life: 104DEB36 00000190

(Zhang Jiao) Max Musou: 104DEB38 000000C8

(Zhang Jiao) Max Attack: 004DEB3A 000000C8

(Zhang Jiao) Max Defense: 004DEB3B 000000C8

(Zhang Jiao) Max Points: 104DEB3C 0000EA60


(Zhang Liao) Max Life: 104DE97E 00000190

(Zhang Liao) Max Musou: 104DE980 000000C8

(Zhang Liao) Max Attack: 004DE982 000000C8

(Zhang Liao) Max Defense: 004DE983 000000C8

(Zhang Liao) Max Points: 104DE984 0000EA60


(Zhao Yun) Max Life: 104DE1EE 00000190

(Zhao Yun) Max Musou: 104DE1F0 000000C8

(Zhao Yun) Max Attack: 004DE1F2 000000C8

(Zhao Yun) Max Defense: 004DE1F3 000000C8

(Zhao Yun) Max Points: 104DE1F4 0000EA60


(Zhen Ji) Max Life: 104DEC3E 00000190

(Zhen Ji) Max Musou: 104DEC40 000000C8

(Zhen Ji) Max Attack: 004DEC42 000000C8

(Zhen Ji) Max Defense: 004DEC43 000000C8

(Zhen Ji) Max Points: 104DEC44 0000EA60


(Zhou Tai) Max Life: 104DEFAE 00000190

(Zhou Tai) Max Musou: 104DEFB0 000000C8

(Zhou Tai) Max Attack: 004DEFB2 000000C8

(Zhou Tai) Max Defense: 004DEFB3 000000C8

(Zhou Tai) Max Points: 104DEFB4 0000EA60


(Zhou Yu) Max Life: 104DE3FE 00000190

(Zhou Yu) Max Musou: 104DE400 000000C8

(Zhou Yu) Max Attack: 004DE402 000000C8

(Zhou Yu) Max Defense: 004DE403 000000C8

(Zhou Yu) Max Points: 104DE404 0000EA60


(Zhu Rong) Max Life: 104DEE4E 00000190

(Zhu Rong) Max Musou: 104DEE50 000000C8

(Zhu Rong) Max Attack: 004DEE52 000000C8

(Zhu Rong) Max Defense: 004DEE53 000000C8

(Zhu Rong) Max Points: 104DEE54 0000EA60


(Zhuge Liang) Max Life: 104DE55E 00000190

(Zhuge Liang) Max Musou: 104DE560 000000C8

(Zhuge Liang) Max Attack: 004DE562 000000C8

(Zhuge Liang) Max Defense: 004DE563 000000C8

(Zhuge Liang) Max Points: 104DE564 0000EA60


(Zuo Ci) Max Life: 104DF216 00000190

(Zuo Ci) Max Musou: 104DF218 000000C8

(Zuo Ci) Max Attack: 004DF21A 000000C8

(Zuo Ci) Max Defense: 004DF21B 000000C8

(Zuo Ci) Max Points: 104DF21C 0000EA60


(Zuo Ci) Max Life: 104DF216 00000190

(Zuo Ci) Max Musou: 104DF218 000000C8

(Zuo Ci) Max Attack: 004DF21A 000000C8

(Zuo Ci) Max Defense: 004DF21B 000000C8

(Zuo Ci) Max Points: 104DF21C 0000EA60