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Dynasty Tactics CodeBreaker Codes (NTSC-U)

This page contains all of the CodeBreaker cheat codes I have for Dynasty Tactics. If you're playing with the PCSX2 Emulator and you'd like to use the codes on this page I recommend heading over to my How To Use Cheat Codes on PCSX2 Guide. This will explain how to setup and use the codes on this page with that emulator.

Alternatively if you're playing on a physical console you'll need to own a CodeBreaker/GameShark disc in order to use these codes. If you don't see the code you want on this page return to my Dynasty Tactics Codebreaker Codes (NTSC-U) index page and choose another page.



(Yi Ji) Max Deeds: 1A814F61 0000270F

(Yi Ji) No Deeds: 1A814F61 00000000

(Yi Ji) Max Troops: 1A834F61 0000270F

(Yi Ji) Max STR: 0A9AA89C 000000FF

(Yi Ji) No STR: 0A9AA89C 00000000

(Yi Ji) Max INT: 0A99A89C 000000FF

(Yi Ji) No INT: 0A99A89C 00000000

(Yi Ji) Max LEA: 0A98A89C 000000FF

(Yi Ji) No LEA: 0A98A89C 00000000

(Yi Ji) Never Earn EXP: 1AAD4F61 00000000



(Yi Ji) Quick EXP Gain

DAD44BA7 B2931716
1AAD4F61 00000063


(Yi Ji) Low Troops

1A834F61 00000001



(Yu Jin) Max Deeds: 1ABD4F61 0000270F

(Yu Jin) No Deeds: 1ABD4F61 00000000

(Yu Jin) Max Troops: 1ABF4F61 0000270F

(Yu Jin) Max STR: 0AC6A89C 000000FF

(Yu Jin) No STR: 0AC6A89C 00000000

(Yu Jin) Max INT: 0AC5A89C 000000FF

(Yu Jin) No INT: 0AC5A89C 00000000

(Yu Jin) Max LEA: 0AC4A89C 000000FF

(Yu Jin) No LEA: 0AC4A89C 00000000

(Yu Jin) Never Earn EXP: 1AE94F61 00000000



(Yu Jin) Quick EXP Gain

DA984BA7 B2DF1716
1AE94F61 00000063


(Yu Jin) Low Troops

DAA24BA7 B2F517E8
1ABF4F61 00000001



(Yuan Xi) Max Deeds: 1AF94F61 0000270F

(Yuan Xi) No Deeds: 1AF94F61 00000000

(Yuan Xi) Max Troops: 1AFB4F61 0000270F

(Yuan Xi) Max STR: 0A02A89C 000000FF

(Yuan Xi) No STR: 0A02A89C 00000000

(Yuan Xi) Max INT: 0A01A89C 000000FF

(Yuan Xi) No INT: 0A01A89C 00000000

(Yuan Xi) Max LEA: 0A00A89C 000000FF

(Yuan Xi) No LEA: 0A00A89C 00000000

(Yuan Xi) Never Earn EXP: 1A254F61 00000000



(Yuan Xi) Quick EXP Gain

DA5C4BA7 B21B1716
1A254F61 00000063


(Yuan Xi) Low Troops

DA664BA7 B23117E8
1AFB4F61 00000001



(Yuan Shu) Max Deeds: 1A354F61 0000270F

(Yuan Shu) No Deeds: 1A354F61 00000000

(Yuan Shu) Max Troops: 1A374F61 0000270F

(Yuan Shu) Max STR: 0A4EA893 000000FF

(Yuan Shu) No STR: 0A4EA893 00000000

(Yuan Shu) Max INT: 0A4DA893 000000FF

(Yuan Shu) No INT: 0A4DA893 00000000

(Yuan Shu) Max LEA: 0A4CA893 000000FF

(Yuan Shu) No LEA: 0A4CA893 00000000

(Yuan Shu) Never Earn EXP: 1A614F62 00000000



(Yuan Shu) Quick EXP Gain

DA004BA0 B2471711
1A614F62 00000063


(Yuan Shu) Low Troops

DA2A4BA7 B27D17E8
1A374F61 00000001



(Yuan Shao) Max Deeds: 1A714F62 0000270F

(Yuan Shao) No Deeds: 1A714F62 00000000

(Yuan Shao) Max Troops: 1A734F62 0000270F

(Yuan Shao) Max STR: 0A8AA893 000000FF

(Yuan Shao) No STR: 0A8AA893 00000000

(Yuan Shao) Max INT: 0A89A893 000000FF

(Yuan Shao) No INT: 0A89A893 00000000

(Yuan Shao) Max LEA: 0A88A893 000000FF

(Yuan Shao) No LEA: 0A88A893 00000000

(Yuan Shao) Never Earn EXP: 1A9D4F62 00000000



(Yuan Shao) Quick EXP Gain

DAC44BA0 B2831711
1A9D4F62 00000063


(Yuan Shao) Low Troops

1A734F62 00000001