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Dynasty Tactics CodeBreaker Codes (NTSC-U)

This page contains all of the CodeBreaker cheat codes I have for Dynasty Tactics. If you're playing with the PCSX2 Emulator and you'd like to use the codes on this page I recommend heading over to my How To Use Cheat Codes on PCSX2 Guide. This will explain how to setup and use the codes on this page with that emulator.

Alternatively if you're playing on a physical console you'll need to own a CodeBreaker/GameShark disc in order to use these codes. If you don't see the code you want on this page return to my Dynasty Tactics Codebreaker Codes (NTSC-U) index page and choose another page.



(Cheng Yuanzhi) Max Deeds: 1AD54F45 0000270F

(Cheng Yuanzhi) No Deeds: 1AD54F45 00000000

(Cheng Yuanzhi) Max Troops: 1AD74F45 0000270F

(Cheng Yuanzhi) Max STR: 0AEEA8B0 000000FF

(Cheng Yuanzhi) No STR: 0AEEA8B0 00000000

(Cheng Yuanzhi) Max INT: 0AEDA8B0 000000FF

(Cheng Yuanzhi) No INT: 0AEDA8B0 00000000

(Cheng Yuanzhi) Max LEA: 0AECA8B0 000000FF

(Cheng Yuanzhi) No LEA: 0AECA8B0 00000000

(Cheng Yuanzhi) Never Earn EXP: 1A014F45 00000000



(Cheng Yuanzhi) Quick EXP Gain

DA604B83 B2271732
1A014F45 00000063


(Cheng Yuanzhi) Low Troops

1AD74F45 00000001


(Cheng Pu) Max Deeds: 1A114F45 0000270F

(Cheng Pu) No Deeds: 1A114F45 00000000

(Cheng Pu) Max Troops: 1A134F45 0000270F

(Cheng Pu) Max STR: 0A2AA8B0 000000FF

(Cheng Pu) No STR: 0A2AA8B0 00000000

(Cheng Pu) Max INT: 0A29A8B0 000000FF

(Cheng Pu) No INT: 0A29A8B0 00000000

(Cheng Pu) Max LEA: 0A28A8B0 000000FF

(Cheng Pu) No LEA: 0A28A8B0 00000000

(Cheng Pu) Never Earn EXP: 1A3D4F46 00000000



(Cheng Pu) Quick EXP Gain

DA244B9C B263172D
1A3D4F46 00000063


(Cheng Pu) Low Troops

DA4E4B83 B21917CC
1A134F45 00000001



(Cheng Yin) Max Deeds: 1A4D4F46 0000270F

(Cheng Yin) No Deeds: 1A4D4F46 00000000

(Cheng Yin) Max Troops: 1A4F4F46 0000270F

(Cheng Yin) Max STR: 0A56A8B7 000000FF

(Cheng Yin) No STR: 0A56A8B7 00000000

(Cheng Yin) Max INT: 0A55A8B7 000000FF

(Cheng Yin) No INT: 0A55A8B7 00000000

(Cheng Yin) Max LEA: 0A54A8B7 000000FF

(Cheng Yin) No LEA: 0A54A8B7 00000000

(Cheng Yin) Never Earn EXP: 1A794F46 00000000



(Cheng Yin) Quick EXP Gain

1A794F46 00000063


(Cheng Yin) Low Troops

DA324B9C B26517D3
1A4F4F46 00000001



(Ding Feng) Max Deeds: 1A894F46 0000270F

(Ding Feng) No Deeds: 1A894F46 00000000

(Ding Feng) Max Troops: 1A8B4F46 0000270F

(Ding Feng) Max STR: 0A92A8B7 000000FF

(Ding Feng) No STR: 0A92A8B7 00000000

(Ding Feng) Max INT: 0A91A8B7 000000FF

(Ding Feng) No INT: 0A91A8B7 00000000

(Ding Feng) Max LEA: 0A90A8B7 000000FF

(Ding Feng) No LEA: 0A90A8B7 00000000

(Ding Feng) Never Earn EXP: 1AB54F46 00000000



(Ding Feng) Quick EXP Gain

1AB54F46 00000063


(Ding Feng) Low Troops

DAF64B9C B2A117D3
1A8B4F46 00000001



(Dian Wei) Max Deeds: 1AC54F46 0000270F

(Dian Wei) No Deeds: 1AC54F46 00000000

(Dian Wei) Max Troops: 1AC74F46 0000270F

(Dian Wei) Max STR: 0ADEA8B7 000000FF

(Dian Wei) No STR: 0ADEA8B7 00000000

(Dian Wei) Max INT: 0ADDA8B7 000000FF

(Dian Wei) No INT: 0ADDA8B7 00000000

(Dian Wei) Max LEA: 0ADCA8B7 000000FF

(Dian Wei) No LEA: 0ADCA8B7 00000000

(Dian Wei) Never Earn EXP: 1AF14F46 00000000



(Dian Wei) Quick EXP Gain

DA904B9C B2D7172D
1AF14F46 00000063


(Dian Wei) Low Troops

1AC74F46 00000001