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Alchemy Recipes (Swordsman's Labyrinth - Castle Trodain)

These recipes use items from the part of my Dragon Quest 8 Walkthrough that covers Swordsman's Labyrinth, Hilltop Hut and Castle Trodain. They may use some items which you can find before these areas too but nothing after. While you make it to the area around Castle Trodain King Trode will upgrade your Alchemy Pot allowing you to combine three items in it at once.

For many of the recipes that you can make right now with three items you'll want to view Chapter 5 instead.

If you'd like to see recipes for Chapter 5 (Ascantha, Land of the Moles, Mole Hole & Multiple Side Quests) head on over there now

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Staff of Antimagic Alchemy Recipe

Staff of Antimagic has 41 Attack Power and when used as an item in battle it casts Fizzle.

Wizard's Staff is sold in Ascantha and Simpleton

Rune Staff is sold as a prize in the Baccarat Casino


White Shield Alchemy Recipe

White Shield has 24 AC and causes Fire and Ice attacks to deal 10 less points of damage.

Iron Shields are sold in Pickham at the Armor Shop

Silver Platters are sold at the Pickham Casino


Iron Cuirass Alchemy Recipe

Iron Cuirass has 25 AC and is sold in Ascantha.

Iron Shields are sold in Pickham at the Armor Shop


Feathered Cap Alchemy Recipe

Feathered Cap has 9 AC and is found in the Maella Library area.

Leather Hat is sold in Farebury

Chimaera Wings are sold at almost any Item Shop


Fur Poncho Alchemy Recipes

Fur Poncho has 29 AC and causes Fire and Ice attacks to deal 20 less damage. Can only be equipped by Yangus.

Magic Beast Hides are dropped by beast enemies around Swordsman's Labyrinth and inside the dungeon as well. If you haven't found any yet on your adventure just skip this recipe, no point in trying to farm the item.


Fur Hood Alchemy Recipe

Fur Hood has 18 AC and can only be used by the Hero and Yangus.

Note: Fur Hood is also sold at the Church near Castle Trodain.

Feathered Cap is found in chest near Peregrin Quay or made with Alchemy

Fur poncho is made with Alchemy


Mercurys Bandana Alchemy Recipe

Mercury's Bandana has 23 AC and increases your Agility by +15. Can only be used by the Hero.

Bandanas are common drops from enemies and sold at Peregrin Quay

Agility Rings are bought from the Pickham Casino as a prize


After the Alchemy Pot is upgraded and you can combine three items at once you'll be able to make the following items. Both times I played through the game King Trode upgraded my Alchemy Pot right around the time I got near Castle Trodain.


Silver Cuirass Alchemy Recipe

Silver Cuirass has 44 AC and can only be used by Yangus.

Iron Cuirass is purchased in Pickham or made with Alchemy

Silver Platter is purchased at the Pickham Casino


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