Lady's Ring Side Quest (Ascantha & Farebury)

Ladys Ring in bottom of Ascantha Well

The Lady's Ring side quest is the second one that becomes available to you during your play through. It's also most likely the most straight forward side quest in the entire game. All you need to do is go down the well in the town of Ascantha and pick up the Lady's Ring. Then deliver it to the man in Farebury who roams around outside the church during the day.

You can find the well just to the left after entering Ascantha - it's marked on your map so you can not miss it. If you arrive in Farebury and it's the middle of the night the man you need to give the ring to will be asleep at the Inn. You can't turn in the quest while he is asleep so your best bet is to sleep at the Inn until morning or just stand around and wait until morning. The man you're looking for is shown in my screen shot below.

Returning the Lady's Ring to the man outside the church in Farebury will reward you a Seed of Wisdom. Not the best reward but also not bad either considering how easy this quest was.

Note: If you wait until after you get the ship you will no longer be able to turn in Lady's Ring for the Seed of Wisdom. The NPC shown in the screen shot below that roams around Farebury leaves forever around the time you get the ship.

Man in Farebury for Ladys Ring

Note: Use Zoom (Hero's Spell) or a Chimaera Wing to quick travel back to Farebury. If you haven't already familiarize yourself with the fast travel methods in this game do so now.


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