Dragovian Trials Bosses Walkthrough


Lord of the Dragovians 3500 HP

First Turn: Use 'Call Team' then pull them back immediately after once the boss uses Dragovian Seal. This will allow you to use Hero during the battle

This boss is extremely easy and you will face him every single time you come to this place right before a dragon; so get used to fighting him! He has an extremely predictable rotation, he attacks or uses an ability each turn and raises his tension level by one. The only thing you really have to watch out for is when he uses abilities that don't consume Tension, like the one that eats your buffs and he builds his tension up to 20 or 50. He can take someone out in a single shot when this happens.

To beat him, build Tension on everyone in your party each turn and use the Timbrel of Tension too. Attack him when you get to 50 Tension with Dragon Soul on the Hero and whatever other high damaging abilities you have on your other characters.


- can envelope your party in illusions