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Baumren's Bell/Chateau Felix Side Quest

Baumren's Bell/Chateau Felix Side QuestBlue Sabrecat Location

Chateau Felix is small little abode near Baccarat and home to one of the side quests of Dragon Quest VIII. You'll find the location of this building southeast of Baccarat; a town on the northern end of the western continent. In order to complete this side quest you'll need to bring an item to a location that only appears at dawn. We're going to cheat because I will just show you the map location below. Before all of that though...

When you first arrive at Chateau Felix you'll speak with Tom outside the entrance of the giant cat. He won't let you pass to meet Master Felix unless he feels that you're kind to animals. In order to determine your kindness to animals he asks you a series of questions, below you'll find the correct answers to these questions.

Answers to Tom's Questions:

1) Take it home and ask your family to let it stay

2) Free the tiger from the trap and let it go

3) Let the great sabrecat join you on your travels

After answering all of Tom's questions he'll open the door for you and take you down to see Master Felix. What Master Felix asks you to do is bring the Sand of Serenity to Baumren who appears at a specific location only at dawn. You'll be given a sabrecat to ride for this quest as well - which makes land travel a bit faster.

For the location of Baumren take a look at my map below. You can run right over there and wait for dawn if you'd like to making this entire quest easy as pie. After you speak with Baumren return to Master Felix to complete the quest. Your reward is Baumren's Bell

Chateau Felix and Baccarat Map Location
Yggdrasil Leaf On Ground

At any point in the future if you need a Yggdrasil Leaf for an Alchemy Recipe you'll want to return to this tree. In the morning hours a green leaf will appear before the tree which you can pick up. This leaf is shown in the screen shot above, it's the same color as the grass which makes it difficult to see but if you look close you can see a small illuminated leaf. That's the Yggdrasil Leaf.