Humanity Skill Set for Yangus

Humanity is the best Skill Set hands down for Yangus. Not only does this skill set give Yangus the ability to Heal, Midheal and Kabuff the entire party it also gives him his most powerful attack at 100 Points. Golden Oldies is the final ability rewarded to you with the Humanity Line and it can hit a whole group of enemies or a single enemy four times dealing up to 131 damage per hit.


4 Points: Whistle - Instantly triggers a battle with any enemies that are from this area.

10 Points: Heal - Single target, restores 30 - 40 HP.

16 Points: Nose for Treasure - Tells you how many treasures are left for you to find in the area.

22 Points: Warcry - Has a small chance of paralyzing the enemy but only lasts a single turn. Useless ability.

32 Points: Share Magic - You transfer 40% of your max MP to someone else in your party.

42 Points: Kabuff - Whole Party. Increases your defense by 25% for 7 - 10 turns. You can cast this spell multiple times to increase defense further.

55 Points: Underpants Dance - Has a small chance of paralyzing the enemy but only lasts a single turn. Slightly higher chance than Warcry, still useless.

68 Points: Midheal - Single target. Heals for 75 - 100 HP.

82 Points: Kerplunk - Yangus instantly dies but all party members are revived and their HP is fully restored.

100 Points: Golden Oldies - Attacks four random enemies or the same target multiple times. Deals 40 - 50 base damage and up to 131 damage per hit depending on your character's level.