Fisticuffs Skill Set for Yangus

Fisticuffs is a generally useless tree for all of your characters except one. There's one ability in Fisticuffs which is worth getting very early on in the game and that ability is Thin Air. The reason I choose Yangus for Thin Air and not Hero is because Yangus also gets the ability Padfoot which is also useful early on prior to getting Holy Protection for the Hero.


3 Points: +5 Attack while unarmed

7 Points: +10 Agility while unarmed

12 Points: Knuckle Sandwhich - Deals 50% more damage than a regular attack.

18 Points: Critical Hit Chances Increased while unarmed.

25 Points: +20 Attack while unarmed

33 Points: Padfoot - Lowers your Encounter rate, not as effective as Holy Protection but lasts longer.

42 Points: Thin Air - Deals 40 - 50 base damage and up to 135 total damage. The level of your character determines the damage done.

60 Points: Multifists - Deals 33% the damage of a normal attack but hits 4 times.

77 Points: +45 Attack while unarmed

100 Points: Boulder Toss - Causes 70 - 105 base damage.