Axe Skill Set for Yangus

Axes are the second best weapon Skill Set for Yangus. Hatchet Man and Executioner are great abilities for Metal Slime hunting since critical hits deal full damage. Helm Splitter is a decent attack too for boss fights or harder than usual enemies. Sadly, the final attack for Axe is barely good at all; it's hardly much better than a regular attack unless you're fighting Beasts.


6 Points: Helm Splitter - Deals regular damage but has a chance of lowering your target's defense by 50% for 7 - 10 turns.

12 Points: +5 Attack while using an Axe

19 Points: Hatchet Man - Only hits 50% of the time but has a high chance of landing a critical hit.

26 Points: Critical Hit Chances Increased with Axes

34 Points: +10 Attack while using an Axe

42 Points: Parallax - Deals 50% more damage than a regular attack but also has a chance of paralyzing an enemy for 5 - 8 turns.

54 Points: Axes of Evil - Hits all enemies in a group, each enemy takes less damage than the previous one.

66 Points: Executioner - Replaces Hatchet Man; this attack has a 100% chance to hit but only hits 50% of the time.

82 Points: +20 Attack while using an Axe

100 Points: Typhoeus' Maul - Deals 50% more damage than a regular attack. Enemies that are Beasts will take twice as much damage when hit.