Staffs Skill Set for Jessica

The Staff Skill Set is arguably the most important Skill Set for Jessica, even if you don't ever plan to equip a staff. Just like for Angelo, putting points into Staffs will reward you with new spells that you can't acquire any other way. Some of these spells, like Acceleratle, Magic Barrier and Kazing are so essential to your game that you should put points into Staffs as early as possible.


3 Points: Acceleratle - Increases your entire groups Agility by 100 - 130; lasts the entire battle and can be used multiple times.

7 Points: Kasap - Hits a group of enemies. Lowers the enemies defense by 25% and lasts 7 - 10 turns.

13 Points: Max MP +20 while using a Staff

21 Points: Bounce - Reflects all spells cast on the character for 6 - 9 turns this includes friendly spells.

31 Points: Magic Barrier - Damage from attack spells is reduced and the effectiveness of any status altering spells is reduced on the party.

44 Points: Max MP +50 while using a Staff

57 Points: Caduceus - Heals the entire party for 75 - 100 HP.

70 Points: MP Recovery while using a Staff

84 Points: Max Mp +100

100 Points: Kazing - Revives a dead party member with full HP. 100% chance of success.