Charisma Skill Set for Angelo

Charisma is Angelo's worst but still useful Skill Set. It's one of the three main Skill Sets you'll want to max out but usually the one you'll want to focus on the least. Staff and either Bow or Sword come first. As for the abilities granted to you with Charisma, the only ones that are useful really are the spells.


3 Points: Squelch - Cures Poison from a single target.

7 Points: Fuddle - Confuses a single enemy for 5 - 8 turns.

13 Points: Sarcastic Snigger - Single target. Lowers tension of the enemy by one level.

19 Points: Angel Eyes - Deals 15 - 30 base damage and has a chance of paralyzing the enemy for 5 - 8 turns.

27 Points: Divine Intervention - Lowers a group of enemies resistances to spells for 6 - 9 turns.

39 Points: Ban Dance - Stops the enemy from using Dancing attacks for 6 - 9 turns.

52 Points: Chilling Chuckle - Replaces Sarcastic Snigger. Hits a whole group of enemies. Lowers tension level by one.

66 Points: Kafuddle - Confuses all enemies for 5 - 8 turns. Has a higher likelihood of success than Fuddle.

81 Points: Charming Look - Replaces Angel Eyes. Deals 65 - 85 base damage and has a chance of paralyzing the enemy for 5 - 8 turns. Success rate is better than Angel Eyes.

100 Points: Pearly Gates - Hits a group of enemies. It's a holy spell that causes 180 - 210 damage and will deal 50% more damage to any Zombie enemies that you're fighting.