Bows Skill Set for Angelo

Bows are the best weapon Skill Set for Angelo; both because the abilities that it gives you are good and because if you use Swords on the Hero, he'll always be using your best weapon. Shining Shot is a great attack for taking out large packs of trash enemies and Cherub's/Seraph's Arrow are great ways to restore mana in a long dungeon.


6 Points: Sandman's Arrow - Deals regular damage but has a chance of putting the enemy to sleep for 2 - 5 turns. The higher your character's level the higher the chance of sleep working.

18 Points: Cherub's Arrow - Deals regular damage and 6% of the damage done recovers as mana.

25 Points: Needle Shot - Small chance to defeat the enemy in one hit if it doesn't, it only deals 1 damage.

32 Points: +10 Attack while using Bows

44 Points: Multishot - Causes half the damage of a regular attack but hits the target 3 or 4 times.

59 Points: Critical Hit Chance Increased

66 Points: Seraph's Arrow - Replaces Cherub's Arrow. Deals regular damage and restores 13% of that damage as mana.

76 Points: +25 Attack while using Bows

88 Points: Shining Shot - Hits all enemies. Deals 115 - 125 base damage.

100 Points: Needle Rain - Replaces Needle Shot. It hits the target 3 or 4 times and has a small chance of defeating the enemy in one shot.