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Best Classes in Disgaea: Hour of Darkness

Ronin Class

As a new player of Disgaea: Hour of Darkness one of the most common questions that I asked myself is what are the best classes? You only start out with 8 different classes, in order to unlock more classes you'll need to level up the classes you start out with as well as some different weapon skills.

The best classes to use that are easiest to unlock are definitely Ninja and Ronin. The biggest downside about the Ninja class is in the Ps2 version of Disgaea: Hour of Darkness, your healing spells can miss the Ninja - and they do this quite often. The Ronin class doesn't have this issue and is a lot more well rounded than the Ninja. Although, if you're clearing floors of the Item World that are way below you in level - the Ninja kicks way more butt.

To make things a lot easier for you, here's a list of all the classes in the game that you can unlock and how to unlock them.

Theif Class: Warrior and Martial Artist level 5 at the same time.

Archer Class: Bow Mastery level 3.

Scout Class: Warrior and Martial Artist level 5 at the same time.

Ronin Class: Female Warrior and Martial Artist level 20 at the same time.

Ninja Class: Male Warrior and Martial Artist level 20 at the same time.

Rune Knight Class: Level 10 Mage and Female Warrior at the same time.

EDF Soldier: Gun Mastery level 30.

Celestial Host (Angel): An Archer, Female Priest and Rune Knight level 100 at the same time.

Majin: Male Warrior, Male Martial Artist, Thief, Ninja and Ronin all level 200 at the same time.

Hands down the best class in all of Disgaea: Hour of Darkness is the Majin class. Due to how hard this class is to unlock though, it's unreasonable to expect most people reading this guide to wait that long. You'll very likely get bored and stop playing the game long before you unlock the class and feel like grinding it 200 levels to get to the same level as your main team.

The Celestial Host/Angel class is the best class that is realistic for most people to grind to. Angels have great weapon skills (A in almost all weapons) as well as the ability to use Magic Spells and Heals. They also have the most balanced stats of any class aside from the Majin.

Angel or Celestial Host Class

It's up to you to figure out the classes you want to use and how long you feel like grinding. In order to unlock the Majin class you'd likely need to spend 16 hours or more grinding classes you'll never end up using. Additionally the gap in power from Ronin and Ninja to Angel is huge whereas the gap between Angel and Majin is much smaller.

With a few hundred hours of Disgaea: Hour of Darkness play time under my belt, I have put together a quick list of what I would recommend as a well rounded team. You can replace Celestial Hosts with Majins if you feel like doing all of that grinding.


Most Well Rounded Team:

Teach Flonne Offensive Magic + Keep your Story Characters leveled (including Thursday; Hoggmeiser and Maderas)

3 - 5 Celestial Hosts as your primary team

2 - 3 Ninjas for Item World exploration

1 - 3 Ronins for back up fighters

2 - 3 Clerics that you teach Offensive Magic to

2 - 4 EDF Soldiers/Scouts for long range attacks and Item World exploration