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Norune Village 100% Layout - Dark Cloud Guides

In Dark Cloud one of the main features is the ability to reconstruct all of the towns in the game however you'd like. You can technically rebuild all of the towns however you'd like but you'll get a bonus reward for completing the town in such a way that you meet all of the villager's requests. I highly recommend you meet 100% of the Villager's requests not only because it gives you a reward but because I feel that it's a main part of the game.

Most villagers have unique requests like having their house near water or trees or being next to some cute girl (or boy) that they like. To learn what a villager's requests are simply ask them how they'd like you to rebuild their village and they'll tell you! Sometimes these requests are vague and require a little bit of thinking which is probably why you're here looking at this guide!

The first town that you are tasked with rebuilding in Dark Cloud is Norune Village, your hometown. Below you will find a list of all the different villager requests and information about what it is exactly that they want. Further down the page I you'll find screenshots of my completed version of Norune Village with 100% fulfillment of all their requests.

Note: To check if you've successfully completed one of the villager's requests press Select and then go into the Georama Menu. From there choose the "Georama Analysis" option and you'll get a graph, on the right you'll see a section for Request, pay attention to whether or not this bar/percentage goes up or down to see if your actions fulfill the request or not.

Villager Requests:

My House: Place my house so that it faces East. Renee wants the sunlight to shine in her window in the mornings.

Old Hag's House: She wants to be placed in front of the windmill as she believes the blades give off magic.

Macho's House: He wants to be placed near the Divine Beast Cave so he can fight and train more easily.

Laura's House: She wants to be placed away from the mayor.

Paige's House: Place her house near the pond, Pike likes to fish.

Claude's House: Claude wants to be placed near Alnett because he likes the smell of her cooking.

Alnet's House: She would like to be placed away from the Macho brothers, muscles weird her out.

Gaffer's Buggy: He wants to be placed around a lot of people.


Note: If you'd like to see a video walkthrough of this guide check out my Norune Village 100% Layout (All Villager Requests Fulfilled) Youtube Video. That video will show you my completed town and give you an explanation of every building and why I put it where I did.


Norune Village Complete Layout 1
Camera is facing east (sun rises in the east); Divine Beast Cave is in the top left.


Norune Village Complete Layout 2
Camera is facing south; The Mayor's House is behind the camera.


Norune Village Complete Layout 3
Camera is facing west; exit of Norune Village is in the top right.



This section details what your rewards will be for completing various houses. Event rewards range from normal items that you can get off a vendor or a dungeon to one of a kind rewards like increased carry capacity or an item that permanently increases your stats.

My House: Xiao Acquired (2nd Ally)

Macho's House: Stone Breaker Attachment

Laura's House: Dran's Feather

Paige's House: Pocket

Claude's House: Candy or Soap and Cheese

Hag's House: Access to Storage

Alnet's House: Fishing Rod which allows you to participate in the Fishing Mini Game


Windmill Slash Reward
Reward for fulfilling all Villager's Requests in Norune Village

The reward you'll get for 100% completion of Norune Village is Windmill Slash; this is a special ability for Toan. I personally never use this ability when playing the game but maybe you'll be different and find a use for it! Norune Village is the only town that gives you a super unique reward like this for fulfilling all of the Villager's Requests.