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Wise Owl Forest Abs Farming Location - Dark Cloud Guides

Werewolf Leveling Location

One of the 2 best locations to farm Abs and level up your weapons in Dark Cloud is the Back Floor in Territory 10 of the Wise Owl Forest. For those of you unfamiliar with how to reach the Back Floor in this dungeon you'll first need to collect the Sun Dew item which you can use on the floating leaf marked as the ? on the map.

Territory 10's Back Floor is filled with Werewolf enemies which give you 24 Abs when they are defeated, this is an abnormally high amount of Abs for an enemy and more Abs than almost all enemies in the game. You can level your weapon up a dozen or more times per hour by consistently clearing this Back Floor.

For those of you who didn't already know, you can keep resetting the enemies in a Back Floor of the dungeon by leaving the Back Floor then entering it again immediately. What I mean is, you can clear the entire Back Floor then ride the boat back to the Territory 10 (normal side) - get on the boat again and return to the Back Floor. This will cause all 15 Werewolf enemies to respawn allowing you the opportunity to defeat them all again. You can repeat this as many times as you'd like.

Usually what I do is load up on Attachments and Gems before coming to this dungeon and then clear the Back Floor over and over again until I run out of Attachments and Gems to use on my weapons. Then I'll leave the dungeon and restock before eventually returning.

Territory 10 Wise Owl Forest

That's really all there is to farming this location. I'd recommend this location to lower level players or those of you who would like a more brainless farming location. Once you advance far enough in the game the Werewolf enemies here will be no match for you and will deal almost no damage to you with each hit. That makes this the safest leveling location in the entire game!

Aside from this Back Floor you also have the Shipwreck Back Floor Leveling Location which is also a great spot to level up at. Shipwreck will be a bit harder than this one since the enemies there hit harder, it'll also be easier for you to access since the Back Floor items for the Shipwreck dungeon are sold in Queens - you don't have to grind until you find one in the dungeon.

If you'd like to learn more about upgrading weapons in Dark Cloud and which are the best weapons for each character in this game I recommend you check out my Dark Cloud Ultimate Weapons Guide. You should know what weapons are the best for each of your characters before you start evolving them up into different things. Not every 'final tier' weapon is made equally and some are significantly better than others.

Last but not least, if you'd like to see a Youtube video of me farming this location instead of this text guide I recommend you check out my Best Abs Grinding Location in the Wise Owl Forest Youtube Video. That video covers more or less all of the same information this page does.



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