Muska Lacka and Sun & Moon Temple Walkthrough - Dark Cloud

Ungaga Sun and Moon Temple

When you first arrive at the Sun and Moon Temple you'll meet Ungaga, the strongest warrior of the sand people that lived nearby. He is the only survivor of the attack on Muska Lacka and has lost faith in his own strength, you'll be able to name him right now but he won't join you until later on when we reach Level 8 of the temple (as usual).

For now all we can do is continue inside of the Sun & Moon Temple and start clearing the dungeon! I recommend you switch your weapons from Fire to Holy since there will be a lot of undead enemies throughout this dungeon. Much like with every other dungeon in this game our overall goal is to collect all of the Atla on each floor and progress to the next.

If you need a vendor to buy or sell items while clearing this dungeon you'll have to return to a previous town and use a vendor there. Until you place and 100% complete Brooke's House in Muska Lacka you'll not have a vendor in this part of the world.

Below are the key items that are unique to this dungeon that you'll need to collect to progress to the next floor, open locked doors or access the Back Floors.

Kings SlateKing's Slate: The King's Slate item drops from monsters on each floor and is the required item to advance floors in this dungeon.

Stone KeyStone Key: Some of the floors in this dungeon have locked doors, the Stone Key is the item that opens them in this dungeon.

Secret Path KeySecret Path Key: You'll need this item to access the Back Floors in the Sun and Moon Temple.

The hardest level that you're going to have to deal with in the Sun & Moon Temple is Level 5 since you can only use Goro on this level. As usual when you're stuck with a subpar character like Goro you'll want to focus on getting in and out of the floor as fast as possible. Using certain throwing items like Bombs, Gems etc aren't such a bad idea either - especially on Goro since he's such a bad character in this game.

When you reach Floor 9 you'll have a battle against 2 golems, one gold and one silver. They will be marginally more difficult than the regular golems that you've been fighting throughout the entire dungeon - just use Ruby or Xiao and it should be a piece of cake. Like usual, for right now you can't go any further than this floor - there is black smoke in the way and you'll need to recruit the new Ally, Ungaga, to proceed any further.

Sun and Moon Temple Golems

Leave the dungeon and head to the town of Muska Lacka (or Muska Racka on the splash screen when you zone in - the localization in this game is so bad sometimes)... In Muska Lacka you'll want to place the various buildings that we've unlocked so far and outfit them with all of the pieces that they need. The two most important buildings are Brooke's House - because he is the vendor for this town and 3 Sisters' House.

3 Sisters' House is the only building that you need to progress the story. Add all 3 sisters to this house and then ask each of them what they need for their house, then add each of those items. This will 100% complete their house and activate the Event inside. Ungaga will join your party during the scene inside the house and he's all you need to continue progression through this dungeon.

Before you return to the dungeon I recommend you spend some time running around Muska Lacka and collecting all of the treasure chests. Not only will the buildings you place have chests around them but you'll also find chests at the entrances/exits of town. Also there is one building in town that exists that we didn't place via the Georama Menu which has some chests too - grab these as well.

When you are ready to continue with the story take Ungaga down to Level 9 of this dungeon and stand in front of the black smoke then hold down the attack button while he is active. This will cause Ungaga to spin his weapon and create a whirlwind of air (pictured below) that will blow away the black smoke. Any time you encounter black smoke blocking your way like this in the future you'll have to do the same thing.

Ungaga Joined PartyUngaga Clearing Black Smoke

As always, my advice to you before proceeding with the rest of this dungeon is to return to a previous dungeon and search for a better weapon for Ungaga and/or level up his current weapon. One of the upcoming floors, Level 13, requires you to use Ungaga so you'll need him to at least be able to defend himself here. Throwing Items like Bombs may not be such a bad idea to use here if you don't want to take the time to level up Ungaga any.

Other than that, this dungeon will work much the same as the previous ones. Collect all of the Atla on each floor and proceed down until you reach the bottom level which is Level 18 in this place. After you reach the bottom exit the dungeon and return to Muska Lacka to start rebuilding the town! Much like with all of the other towns, rebuild every building and watch the Events in each of them to proceed.

Don't forget to explore the entire town and collect all of the treasure chests too - there will be quite a few and some are more hidden than others. Scorpion Jerky is a new item and Ungaga's Defense boosting food which you should keep an eye out for. Then you also have the Pocket item which increases your carry capacity by 10 points. You can find the Pocket inside of the Chief's House.

I'm giving these 2 items special attention since Pocket is extremely important and Scorpion Jerky is new. Much like with all of the previous towns we've covered any time a new item that permanently increases your stats can be found I mention it.

PocketPocket: Use this item to increase your carry capacity by another 10 slots! You can find this item inside of the Chief's House.

Scorpion JerkyScorpion Jerky: This item increases Ungaga's Defense stat. I found 2 of these around the only house in Muska Lacka that was here when we arrived.

It's up to you but if you'd like you can also spend some time completing all of Muska Lacka including all of the villager's requests in the town. This will get you some additional rewards, as always. For information about how to 100% Muska Lacka you should check out my Muska Lacka 100% Town Layout Guide.

Don't forget to advance the Item Trading Side Quest while you're here too if you've been working on it! We're almost done with it, you'll trade the Foundation for the Clay Doll item which is the last item we need to complete this quest. The next 'town' that we visit will be where we finally finish this side quest.

When you are ready to continue the story and fight the next boss visit the Chief's House at night. She will tell you to visit Zabo's House for the Moon Signet and Enga's House for the Sun Signet. You'll need both of these items to advance the story and fight the boss at the bottom of the Sun and Moon Temple.

Sun and Moon Temple Final Floor

Before you return to the bottom floor of the Sun and Moon Temple you'll want to make sure you're ready to face off against the boss. Stock up on Food, a few Stand-In Powder, Revive Powder and whatever else you feel that you may need for the upcoming boss. Also, this is your last chance to get Ungaga a good weapon (or) grind some levels on the weapon you already got for him.

You don't have to fight with Ungaga for this boss fight but you will have to blow away black smoke with his special ability and that costs Whp. When you're ready return to the Sun and Moon Temple and place both the Moon Signet and Sun Signet into the slots next to the door then proceed to the boss.


Tip: Search the outskirts of Muska Lacka as well as outside of the Sun & Moon Temple for items that permanently increase your health, defense and water level. The chests with these items inside of them typically spawn near the entrance/exit in and out of town(s) as well as around the "permanent" buildings/structures. By permanent I mean structures we didn't place with the Georama Menu.


Sun & Moon Temple - King's Curse Boss Strategy

Kings Curse Sun and Moon Temple

There are 2 methods for beating this boss, both of which require Ungaga. Before I mention the 2 strategies let me explain how this boss works, in order to make the boss vulnerable to damage you have to use Ungaga's whirlwind "attack". It's the same attack that you've been using to clear the black smoke throughout this entire dungeon. Once Ungaga blows away the black smoke you can attack the coffin for damage.

Each time you attack the coffin the black smoke will return and you have to blow it away again. Sometimes you can get in two hits before the black smoke returns but almost always you're going to get a single attack worth of damage before the boss switches back. Now, that you know how this fight works you have 2 strategies for dealing with the boss.

Ungaga Only: The Ungaga only strategy consists of using only Ungaga and holding down the attack button the entire time - or almost the entire time. You can literally stand still for this entire fight and hold down the attack button with Ungaga - only releasing it to repair your weapon. This will blow away the black smoke and deal damage to the boss. I'd consider this the cheese strategy, however, unless you've leveled up a weapon for Ungaga it'll be a very slow fight.

Character Switching: For this strategy you will want to use Ungaga to blow away the black smoke then switch to a character that deals more damage to attack the boss. Essentially this is the same sort of strategy that we've used for every boss in the game up until now, it'll involve a lot of switching back and forth but the fight will likely be faster this way unless you spent a lot of time leveling up a weapon for Ungaga.

Which strategy you choose is entirely up to you - if you'd like to see an example of how both strategies work check out my King's Curse Boss Strategies Youtube Video. I alternate back and forth between the 2 strategies in that video to demonstrate the differences between them.

Once you defeat the boss a new path will open up that you can go into. There will be another scene when you enter into this path followed by one of the timed 'duel' events that this game has. Unlike the previous duels this time you won't be fighting any enemies, you'll be jumping across a crumbling walkway to escape this area!

Moon Ship Flying In Sky

After you successfully board the Moon Ship sit back and enjoy the cutscenes, we're now finished with the Muska Lacka area! When you regain control of Toan you'll be in a town named Yellow Drops on the moon's surface.


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