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Golden Bones/Miracle Egg Farming Guide - Castlevania: Curse of Darkness

Golden Bones Enemy

Golden Bones is the rarest enemy in all of Curse of Darkness and if you want to get the Pumpkin ID you're going to have to hunt down at least 2 of them for Miracle Eggs. There are a few locations in the game that you can find the Golden Bones enemy but there is only one location that is extremely easy to farm.

In the Baljhet Mountains nearby where you fought the boss of this map (Wyvern) you'll find a Save Room, this location is shown on my map below. Just outside of this Save Room you'll find a hallway which has 3 Skeletons that spawn the majority of the time - there is a very small chance that a Golden Bones can spawn here instead of the 3 Skeletons.

Our farming rotation is going to be really straight forward, you're going to want to go in and out of the Save Room over and over and over again until eventually a Golden Bones spawns. If you exit the Save Room and you see 3 Skeletons then you'll want to go back inside because that means no Golden Bones. The 3 Skeletons that spawn are essentially a place holder for the Golden Bones.

Golden Bones Spawn Location
Map location of where to find Golden Bones

There is a lot of speculation online about whether or not increasing your Luck will make any difference while farming here... I personally do not think it does, the description of Luck says that it increases the chance of you dealing a critical strike and the chance of rare loot to drop. Nothing says that it increases the chances of rare enemies to spawn.

However if you'd like to increase your Luck anyway all you need to do is summon your Fairy ID since you'll get a Luck bonus while she is out. That's really all I can think to say about this location, if you'd like to see a video of me farming here check out my Where to Farm Golden Bones and Miracle Egg Youtube Video. In that video I talk about everything on this page and also show you a Golden Bones.