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How to Make a Chauve-Souris - Castlevania: Curse of Darkness

Chauve-Souris Spear

On this page I will go into detail about how to make the Chauve-Souris weapon which is required for evolving your Devil ID into The End and also required to make the Death's Scythe weapon. Making a Chauve-Souris is a bit complicated because there are so many sub combines needed.

For example you'll need a Trident and a Versatile Spear to make this weapon but in order to make a Versatile Spear you'll also need a Trident. This same logic is true for a couple of the combinations needed in this process, Sasumata is another weapon that you'll have to make a few of.

Below is a list of all the combinations that you'll need to make in order to craft this weapon along with a material farming list for you.


Chauve-Souris Materials:

1 Trident
1 Versatile Spear
1 Devil's Vein
1 Dark Crystal


Trident Materials:

1 Sasumata
1 Ether
1 Aquamarine


Versatile Spear:

1 Trident
1 Naginata
1 Ether
1 Phlogiston



1 Sasumata
1 Steel



1 Ceremonial Tool
1 Spirit of Fuji


There you have it, those are all the combinations that you'll need to make in order to craft the Chauve-Souris weapon. As stated earlier you're going to have to make some items on this list twice (such as the Sasumata and Trident) so you'll need more items than what is listed above. For a complete farming list check my quick list below.


Complete Farming List

3 Ceremonial Tools
3 Spirit of Fuji
1 Steel
2 Aquamarine
3 Ether
1 Phlogiston
1 Devil's Vein
1 Dark Crystal


Now you may be wondering where can we get all of these items? Some of these items are commonly found from defeating enemies but some of the aforementioned items can only be acquired from Stealing. Below I will list each of the hard to get items and where exactly you can get them.

For the list below, if you're having trouble figuring out what enemy I am talking about then my advice to you is to go into the Bestiary and look for the name I provide. The Bestiary will show you a picture of the enemy when you click on it which will make it significantly easier to find.


Ceremonial Tool

You'll need to Steal this item from the Vassago enemy. In order to Steal from them you'll need to do a jump attack that sends them up into the air (Square + X -- or whatever your Attack + Jump buttons are); after you hit them up into the air they'll be vulnerable for a few seconds allowing you to Steal.

Vassago Locations: Forest or Cordova


Spirit of Fuji

There are 2 ways you can get this item - a rare drop from Wizard enemies or Steal it from a Lesser Demon. You can find Wizard enemies in tons of areas throughout the game, most commonly in Baljhet Mountains and the Abandoned Castle or in the Tower of Eternity.

Lesser Demons are found in Garibaldi Temple or in the Tower of Eternity. If you plan to go the Lesser Demon route, the Steal window becomes available on them when they do a dive bomb attack at you.



You can get an Aquamarine by using Steal on a Fishman enemy. Fishmen are found in the Mortvia Aquaduct and Stealing from them is... like taking candy from a baby (I had to say it at least once). When the Fishmen roll up into a ball and attack you is when you will want to use Steal on them.



Ether can be stolen from a Lizard Shaman enemy which you'll find in the Cordova Town map. Wait until the Lizard Shaman uses their flamethrower attack and you'll be able to Steal during this attack. My advice is to stay close to them and block their attacks while you wait for them to use the flamethrower.



The only way you can get a Phlogiston is by Stealing from a Flame Demon enemy. You can find plenty of Flame Demons outside of the Tower of Eternity in the Forest of Jigramunt. In order to make them vulnerable to Steal you'll have to knock them up into the air - there is one easy way to do this I found...

Whip out a Battle ID and use the Brute Force ability while they're standing near a Flame Demon to knock them up into the air. There will be a very small window of opportunity after you knock them up into the air where they're vulnerable to Steal. You'll have to time this really well because you will have to jump up into the air as they're being knocked up into the air and Steal before you lose your window of opportunity.


Devil's Vein

You can only get 2 Devil's Vein items in this game, one is stolen from Isaac during your first battle with him and the second is found in the Forest of Jigramunt after you drain the water. In order to drain the water in this area (and other areas) you'll have to defeat Dullahan in the Infinite Corridor.

The chest you're looking for in Forest of Jigramunt is found in the same location as the Western Toilet chair; one thing to mention too is that from what I read online this chest is not always here. Maybe it's a bug or relating to the version of the game you're playing - people don't seem to know.

If you can't get the Devil's Vein from either of these locations the only other way you can get it is by Stealing from Isaac during Boss Rush Mode.


Dark Crystal

Last but not least you'll also need a Dark Crystal item to make this weapon, you can get this item from a chest during the main story so you may already have one. Alternatively, if you already used your Dark Crystal on some other combination you can get a duplicate from Evil Core enemies which are found in the Garibaldi Temple in the room(s) right before the Legion optional boss.

All you have to do in order to make the Evil Cores vulnerable to your Steal is hit them once.