Pikmin Guides

Pikmin was one of the Nintendo Gamecubes exclusive launch titles and it was a fairly decent success, having spawned multiple sequels. This game has you controlling Captain Olimar who crash landed on an uncharted planet when his Dolphin was hit by an asteroid.

This game is a time based strategy game with a lot of tongue in cheek humor; starting with the ship being named Dolphin - a homage to the Gamecube's development name. That's just the tip of the iceberg though and I can't ruin all the jokes!

Pikmin Title Screen

As of now the only guide I have for Pikmin is a guide for all of the Action Replay codes you can use for the game. Aside from that guide though I have a few screen shots of my play through of the game and I do hope to write more guides for Pikmin in the future. I enjoyed the game and it was short enough that I could publish a few guides for it without spending too much time.

Pikmin US Action Replay Codes

Pikmin UK Action Replay Codes



Pikmin Gameplay Screenshot

Pikmin Burrowing Snagret

Pikmin Geiger Counter

Pikmin Piggy Bank

Pikmin The End