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Luigi's Mansion Walkthrough

Luigi's Mansion was one of the title launch games chosen for Gamecube and after having played it and beat it I can definitely see why it was a title they chose to release with the Gamecube. It's a great game and really shows what the system is capable of. Luckily most of us these days don't have to worry about the price tag which would have been probably my only gripe with the game. There's no justification for charging 30 - 50$ for a game that you can beat in under half a day.

Luigis Mansion Title Screen

I only made two walkthroughs for this game, the one for the Portrait Ghosts, which are the bosses and another which is for one of the two Gold Diamonds in the game. The other one I don't have a guide for is killing all 50 Boos.


Luigi's Mansion Portrait Ghost (Boss) Walkthrough

Luigi's Mansion Gold Diamond Sidequest

Luigi's Mansion US Action Replay Codes

Luigi's Mansion UK Action Replay Codes




















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