Soul Calibur 2 Guides

Soul Calibur 2 is a beat em up game with some RPG elements to it, such as a leveling system as well as a gold shop to purchase unlockables. It got rather good reviews when it first came out, being praised for its unique approach to the genre. Another rather unique feature of this game too is being able to play as Link.

Soul Calibur 2 Title Screen

The only guide I have for Soul Calibur 2 is one that covers a good majority of the game's Action Replay codes. You'll find the main page has most of the commonly used codes and then I have a character specific page for anyone looking to unlock all of the unique character bonuses.

Soul Calibur 2 US Action Replay Codes

Soul Calibur 2 UK Action Replay Codes

Other than that - only screen shots!



Soul Calibur 2 Dungeon

Soul Calibur Evil Weapon Unlock

Soul Calibur 2 Link

Soul Calibur 2 Link Bow and Arrow

Soul Calibur 2 World Map

Soul Calibur 2 World Map