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Army Men: Sarge's War Gamecube Walkthroughs & Guides

Army Men: Sarge's Heroes is a third-person shooter both published and developed by "The 3DO Company" for Nintendo 64, PlayStation, Dreamcast, and Microsoft Windows. Released in North America on September 28th, 1999, this somewhat dark story involves playing Sarge in the Green Army in order to fight the evil General Plastro and the members of the Tan Army. (Fun Fact: Both of these armies are named after the usual colors of IRL toy army men). The game also offers a "Boot Camp" mode, which is a training level where the player learns the controls and consists of training areas for every available weapon, a live-fire course and an obstacle course.

Army Men Sarge's War Title Screen

Army Men: Sarge's War US Action Replay Codes

Army Men: Sarge's War UK Action Replay Codes


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